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Gerard gave me a hint about the technorati tags: put them in your RSS feed

problem here: I do not use the MTEntryBody tag but the MTEntryExcerpt tag. the Body tag includes images etc, and I have Mod_Rewrite in use causing images not to popup in feeds. Therefore the Excerpt.

one thing I did was to extend th Excerpt with more words. Than check upon the Technorati Tag

Checking my feed (tip Gerard) I hardly could find or understand how to implement it. The technorati idea is not my idea as I do not want only technorati tags to be related to my categories.

Than I found the weblog of Yezbick and an entry about MT and Technorati. He just added the technorati tag (plugin) into his feeds. How simple.

Probably now all my pings and tags will be accepted by Technorati

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