interesting interview about the company

With much interest I heard the interview of my CEO and one of my collegues. About blogs and blogging within the company.

Started from 2001 I can say that I am the most experienced blogger within the company.

My weblog is personal and sometimes about the technology I work with.
I work for 2L / Conceptronic (daughter company) and busy with developing OEM/ODM products, from that position as Technical Manager Business Development I cannot talk much: competition is watching and reading.

I probably think that many want to know my opinion about this interview:
Sorry you do not get it. I’ve my reasons for it, and if you want to know it: visit my desk … but insiders may know that it has to do with IT related development issues and that I will not be that positive about it.

But I want to emphasize that I am happy the CEO knows that blogging can be a tool to communicate.

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