Looking for a HTML/CSS Guru

Help wanted/needed: someone designing new design for AroundMyroom. Anyone?

One thought on “Looking for a HTML/CSS Guru

  1. Hi

    Out of curiousity, I tried looking around the internet for templates for movabletype. It seems they have all but disappeared. MT has fallen out of favour since WordPress gained more publicity and since sixapart is hyping Typepad more and left MT development to stagnate. Also, WordPress is much easier to template for and many of the blog template designers like web-divas.com have decided not to work with MT.

    You might have to get a template from movablestyle.com. They look quite nice if you ask me. I wouldn’t mind giving a hand in customising such a template for you. Or maybe you shouldn’t let me try because I’ve worked with a few CMSes but not MT.

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