Piracy is good?

The MPAA has filed lawsuits against six sites for sharing TV programs.
Underneath article (thanks r-win) about Bittorrent, Sharing, TV series..

How Battlestar Galactica Killed Broadcast TV.

October 18th, 2004 is the day TV died. That evening, British satellite broadcaster SkyOne — part of NEWS Corp’s BSkyB satellite broadcasting service — ran the premiere episode of the re-visioned 70s camp classic Battlestar Galactica. (That episode, “33,” is one of the best hours of drama ever written for television.)

While you might assume the SciFi Channel saw a significant drop-off in viewership as a result of this piracy, it appears to have had the reverse effect: the series is so good that the few tens of thousands of people who watched downloaded versions told their friends to tune in on January 14th, and see for themselves. From its premiere, Battlestar Galactica has been the most popular program ever to air on the SciFi Channel, and its audiences have only grown throughout the first series. Piracy made it possible for “word-of-mouth” to spread about Battlestar Galactica.

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here in Holland: Series like BattleStar Galactica, Blind Justice, Numb3rs, Tilt will not be seen or even aired in ages. Alias is not broadcasted but can only be bought at DVD here ie. the 2003 MiniSeries of Battlestar Galactica (DVD) is totally not available yet. So yes: Piracy can be good to spread the word about quality programs to watch it when available. Cause garbage served we get enough.

One thought on “Piracy is good?

  1. I don’t know what all these ‘anti-piracy agencies’ are bugging about, sometimes …. What’s the difference between recording a TV show on your own VCR or DVDR, and downloading it from internet… You record something because you aren’t able to watch it (if that is because you’re engaged otherwise or if the show doesn’t air in your country of residence, that doens’t matter to me).

    And please, Brein and MPAA (and co), don’t tell me that a VCR is not meant to be used to tape TV shows, but only stuff from your own camera, and to playback pre-recorded vcr tapes :)

    Ok, if you cannot watch a TVshow because it is not aired in your region, you are not paying for it, but there are at least a hundred (stupid game)shows, that I do pay for, but I never watch … doesn’t that even it out ??? :)

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