Mixfreaks Podcast #23

‘A DMC’s tribute with Paul Dakeyne’
Mixcast 23 in the series of The Mixfreaks Podcast.

Every Mixfreak ‘knows’ the Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Blue Monday remix of Paul .. Enjoy this MixCast trip with the best remixes of Dakeyne!
About 1 hour pleasure

The one and only Podcast without spoken work where the Maxi’s are played Maximal. Here you will hear rare stuff you probably never will hear on the radio due to it’s length.

At this site my Mixcast is cached so that you can download it much more faster than from my own server (this is the xs4all/mixfreaks/podcastfeed link)

Artist performing: Sigue Sigue Sputnik, James Brown, Enya, Simple Minds, Talking Heads and more ! (PS. This one is in 96kbps)

Please note: if you want to use my podcasts to broadcast to radio: this is not a suitable quality. Please contact me.

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