Mixfreaks Podcast #24

When you think: there will be no updates anymore: AroundMyroom publishes another Podcast
Probably the feed will not work but real fans will get it ..

The ‘Themes’
number 24 in the whole series I’ve created.

The one and only Podcast without spoken work where the Music is played Maximal. Here you will hear rare stuff you probably never will hear on the radio due to it’s length or rareness

challenge: name the themes in the comments

3 thoughts on “Mixfreaks Podcast #24

  1. easy toch ;-)

    Pink Panther
    Married with Children
    Theme from Cade’s county
    Love Boat (80s versie)
    Theme from Midnight express (Chase – Georgio Moroder)
    6 million dollar man (de man van 6 miljoen)
    Battlestar Galactica Theme (Georgio Moroder)

    wat heb ik gewonnen ? ;-)

  2. AHAHAHA.. Vals Spelert !!!
    de enige die niet mocht reageren was jij

    Maar goed: toch weinig comments, dus hindert nix
    U gaat naar de volgende ronde !

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