Buying the Hollywood sign


back in 2001 I had a very long holiday and travelled around the world. One of the spotlights me and my brother visited was the Hollywood sign. Now you can buy a piece of it on Ebay .. No bidders seen

But the history is kewl:

A brief history:
1923 – Film director Mack Sennett and LA Times publisher Harry Chandler build sign
1932 – Actress Peg Entwistle commits suicide by jumping off of the letter H
1944 – Sign and surrounding land are deeded to City of Los Angeles
1949 – Letters “land” are removed and the sign is repainted
1973 – Sign is declared a Cultural Historic Monument
1978 – Celebrities donate funds to rebuild the Hollywood sign
1978 – Original sign taken down and new sign is built
1978 – Hank Berger buys original sign and places it in storage
2001 – Dennis & Erik visited the HOLLYWOOD sign before it was being sold. The fence to the sign was closed however.
2003 – Dan Bliss buys sign and creates AuthenticHollywood business
2005 – YOU buy the HOLLYWOOD sign

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