-= beta beta -= LANDISK RDC2882 NAS-BASIC43


this one can replace the NAS-BASIC41 firmware
very beta , should only be used if you dare to use it. It can brake your LANDISK (RDC2882 chipset)
you need Loader67 with at least firmware 41
this one fixes at least some nasty ftp bugs (disconnected transfers)
added support for daylight saving (finally !)
fixed free size incorrect when delete a big file.
fixed Homepage field is Null or Space, reject data.

If someone likes to do modification on HTML level (GUI etc) .. I can compile the web interface ..
to have webgui change .. if anyone is interested in modifying the GUI .. mail me.

and if you wonder if the upgrade works: here a screendump of my running nas-basic43 firmware

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