NAS-BASIC43 NAS-BASIC44 is still beta but some vendors use it. (not in my archive folder though).

Some updates
1. I have changed the basic html files
after receiving todays French HTML interface I noticed that I used an incorrect older version of the reboot.htm
the reboot webpage has an ‘javascript’ timer in it, in the original uploaded file I had changed it for the default page (mistake).

Also I added some codepages which are needed to compile the source. I forgot it also to include. Otherwise I keep copying files.

Benjamin Michel changed the standard GUI to French and this afternoon I compiled it and created the nasb.web
for uploading (refresh your page after waiting 1 minute) and than you even can reboot it ..

I did a quick test on the French version and it seems to work. But of course bugs can occur. Unfortunately I am not able to disclose the compiler yet. (NDA alike stuff) ..

Please note that this HTML interface has a fix and correct (I hope) setting for DayLight Time Saving setting
go to the Landisk folder and grab the files


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