Today released ‘ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA’  download the nasbasic45-69.rar file from the landisk folder.

NAS-BASIC45 firmware with loader 69 

  • BugFixes as released by RDC
    1. Failing renaming file names (CONCEPTRONIC to Conceptronic): solved
    2. Files >4GB could not be deleted: solved
     note: through some tricks the FAT32 formatted HD can support >4GB files !
     (only through LAN)
    3. Problem with writing samba config policy: solved
    4. Problem with writing DHCP client policy: solved
    5. Problem with allowing seek over file size with RAM/FLASH file system: solved
    6. Problem with Disk/Format disk policy: solved
  • Own Bugfixes:
    1. Changed status page html internal code !# became !-#, status page now working again with NAS-BASIC45
    2. Changed html problem with SNTP daylight time saving issue

Known bug:
The internal webserver seems to crash when using multiple times F5 (refresh). (Call it abusing the LANDISK) turn off/on will bring the device back to live. This behaviour I have with the standard generic firmware of RDC as well, so I think it is introduced during BASIC45 and LOADER69.

Together with the firmware RDC released tools for better maintenance of the device

  1. Quick Update Utility
    this utility will search for LANDISKS in your network and you can upgrade them easily.  

Note: this utility allows you to update: LOADER+KERNEL+WEB !

Note: I believe this only works if you have loader 67 or higher cause loader 66 was failing by me.

  1. Configuration Utility
    As F5 can crash the internal webserver (not confirmed by RDC) you can use the 1.1 RDC configtool Note: No Support for Daylight time saving.

please read the whole readmefirst.txt

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80 thoughts on “NAS-BASIC45 LANDISK RDC2882

  1. jim says:


    thanks for all the useful info you’ve provided. I’ve experimented with several combinations of firmware and html builds and even successfully built my own web interface, but I’ve never been able to get all of the forms to return cleanly after a submit.

    For example when changing the IP address, a message box appears, but any cgi or javascript to do a clean redirect afterwards does not work.

    I think this may be a bug with the if.cgi script, but can’t be sure.

    Does anyone know ?



  2. Ark says:

    hey guys, sorry to jump in. I´ve been reading forumso for 2 days now. I got my self a lan drive. I was playing with it for a couple of days and sudanly I can´t access it anymore (neither Ethernet nor USB). For what I´ve seen it´s happened to many people already, and it´s my understanding that I have to upload new firmware. I´d like to confirm that since I´m no expert.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. geh says:

    I cannot get the DX-3535 LanServer to reset. I cannot login through the “admin” using the default password. It is set for DHCP and I can map to it, but cannot reset any information. Any suggestions or solutions? I have a 400GB drive and otherwise it works well.


  4. Tim Grosberg says:

    is their any firmware upgrade for Vista? I have changed in Vista registry the LM-compatibility tu keyword 00002, but still:
    after restart I can access the landisk from cmd dos-prompt (dir, copy …), but after access from Windows explorer I see the disk once an than the explorer hangs an even the no access from cmd-prompt. Somwhere I read to change the firmware fraom samba to samba2 ??
    thks for any ideas
    tim, hamburg

  5. Holger says:

    I got a Lan Disk last week (version NAS-BASIC45a, LOADER 69)
    Is there any possibility to use SSH and / or HTTPS to log in from in- and extern ( via Internet) I couldnt found any settings, if I set the FTP port to 22 ths system doesnt store it ?
    The second question is how to set up admission rights, I like to share files with other user but I like to set some restictions ( for each file not only for a complete folder)
    Regards Holger

  6. Jason says:

    have DGM DX-3535 i have been using via usb for ages
    wont to connect via lan now but have no instructions or idea on how to access via a router
    any simple instructions would be appreciated.

  7. Jason says:




  8. joopd says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I have a sitecom md-250 with NAS-BASIC45a, LOADER 69.
    I have the following problem. The nas is on a switch and sharing to 4 pc’s (all XP) with shortcuts to the shared maps. If 2 or more pc’s access the nas at the same time, the nas locks(?), and the pc’s get the message that the drive is no longer available, and that there may be a permission problem.
    I have flashed to bl69-v46 (v47) (v48) but still get the error
    (and back to the original)
    Only switching the nas off – on works to restore the connections.
    Has anybody else had these problems, and is there a fix?
    gr joop

  9. joopd says:

    Hi Dennis,
    just a quick note to say i returned the md-250 to the store. I’m not continuing this sort of nas anymore
    good luck

  10. Alexis says:

    Question about these landisk’s.

    I just bought one, and it works if I plug it directly into my PC. If I plug it into my 3com switch wich then feeds into my airport I can not find it any were on the network.

    I am not sure if it is taking the DHCP which is 10.0.1.x

    Any ideas on how to solve this

  11. Billy says:

    Upgrade nas with new firmware… now can’t access setup pages!

    I upgraded my firmware from (I think) V 35 to v-gear V47b2 + bootloader 69 via http

    The upgrade worked ok according to the web admin pages……

    But I’ve found ( the next day) I can’t log back into the admin setup pages via http!

    The nas drive keeps asking for my user name and password, but my user name and password are not accepted. Even when I try the default “admin” “admin” it will not allow access.

    I can still acess the drive and read/write files to my folders via samba.

    but as I say, I can’t login to access the web interface.

    What can I do? Do I need to downgrade to an earlier firmware? and how would I do this? Am I missing something?

    Hope you can help!

    Thanks in advance

  12. Billy says:

    Hold the front page! Re. my last posting.

    Got it sorted.

    The firmware upgrade had changed the host name back to “storage”
    I had been trying to connect with my (changed from default ) host name of “fileserver”

    What a good site this is! …. used the nas disk utilities “quick upgrade” to load up various firmware sets, and the upgrade program worked great.
    Finally settled on the V-Gear nas basic 47-B1 loader 69 firmware.

    Unfortunately had problems accessing the original folders on my nas, and had to format the hdd via the web setup page, and then start afresh.
    (But before the eventual re-format, tried to access the folders by removing hard drive and connecting the hdd to a PC….. but windows could not access it due to being “not a windows format hard drive?).

    Good site with excellent resources for “serial meddler’s” like myself.

  13. YOZ says:

    As far as i know, if they put GPL software, all other sources, compilers, toolchains, kernel forks, everything has to be open sourced, it is not up to them to chose (See the GPL), you can not just publish the source to the GPLd part… please tell me if i am wrong !

  14. Marcel says:


    Found this site, maybe someone can help me. Just bought a lan-storage case, with the 2881 chipset. I have changed the password, en for some reason it will not accept it, as i try to log in. But the hardware resetbutton doesn’t do anything. any solutions??

    greetzz Marcel

  15. Tim Meiners says:

    I am am a newbie to this form I have a couple of questions about my lan server. I had it working on my network for some time then it just quit working. I can log into it and change the ip etc. my problem is that it says that there is no hard disk found. so i took it out and reformated it fat 32. then put it back in, same result. the led’s on the power button only show a red and yellow I can not find any ifo on them. also it is connected to a windows network, I can access it by ip but when the usb is connected I get a yellow exclamation point. I have NAS-BASIC48B1, LOADER 69 firmware installed. any help would be appreciated thank you


  16. andrea says:

    I have a V-gear LanDisk….

    I have delete a flash with eprom programmer, i have try to re-flash with jtag but without success.

    there is anyone can send me a image of flash eprom???

    Help me please!!!!!

  17. fuad says:

    I cannot get the DX-3535 LanServer to reset. I cannot login through the “admin” using the default password. Any suggestions or solutions? I have a 200GB drive and otherwise it works well.


  18. Hi,

    I get one of these device hooked.

    I would not recommand this kind of device for many reasons :

    * Community coding is no go !
    * Filesystem support is poor.
    * SMB file sharing … is very limited
    * No GPL or GPL violation if they use kernel linux … but i doubt they use linux ! but µKernel licenced !
    * Network Disk is too slow !

    PC connected thought 100 Mbits swith with Landisk -> ~1 Mbyte/Sec ???
    So does it mean this device is 10 Mbits ?

    * Support firmware is over .. do not expect too much new release / Fix or addon.

    It can perhaps be used for simple copy Office file …. but do not ask too much for it !
    My NSLU2 make more ! for less cheap !
    I do not recommand it for advanced use.


  19. 4wd says:

    Hi folks, just this week I managed to brick my LanDrive, (Hotway HD9-U2LA), completely unresponsive via LAN interface – no IP assigned or defaulted. So reprogramming via the LAN interface is a no-go, (and I’ve tried all the tools and the shorting of A18 to Vcc – nothing worked).

    So my only option is to try and reprogram via JTAG.

    I’ve uploaded a pic of the pcb to

    Has anyone done it?

  20. Ely says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I hope you can help, reading the other posts is would seem you probably can :-)

    I have a no-brand LanServer NAS running Firmware NAS-BASIC35, LOADER 067, my Girlfriend has just bought a Vista machine and we can’t get it to work with the Samba shares on there, clearly I need to upgrade the Firmware to NAS-BASIC48.

    Question is how to I tell what chipset the thing is running, is it clearly obvious looking at the circuit board in the thing whether I have the ‘2882 RDC chipset’ as you mention above? And if I can see it is which of the files in your nas-basic048 do I use; chd3lan48-fix.bin or chd3lan48.bin?

    Many thanks for any information.


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