Just updated the landisk firmware again. Forgot to include / update 1 file

Interesting new feature added (thanks to Paul) and that is that the storage device is allowing to save ‘hidden’ folders (hidden$)  through the SMB feature. Nice!

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  1. Dennis,
    Ok thanks I now have a mirror site and also linked to you lan firmware plus some other manufacturer firmware not so good as yours,just think your rendition could well become the new industry standard :-)


  2. Goswin says:

    He Dennis

    Ik heb net een LANdisk van Conceptronics gekocht en (met hulp van geupdate naar BASIC41 en loader67. Ik stuitte net op jouw blog, na een Googletocht naar firmware (ik vermoedde al dat de hardware in deze disk universeel is, dus dat er best ‘ns andere firmware op het www te vinden zou zijn).

    Ik zie aan jouw Cebit foto’s dat jij voor Conceptronics werkt. Klopt dat?

    Ik heb het apparaat nu goed werkend en verwacht er veel plezier van. Twee dingen die ik opmerkte bij het gebruik (en waar jij wellicht iets aan kan doen) is dat de fan niet uitgaat, ook al staat de HD uit. Zou die misschien aan een HD temperatuur sensor gekoppeld kunnen worden? Dat maakt ‘m wat stiller.

    Ook vroeg ik me af of een doorvoersnelheid van ca. 1,5 MB per seconde ‘klopt’. Ik had enkele MB’s meer verwacht in een full 100Mbit netwerk. Welke snelheid haal jij? Kan ik de snelheid verhogen door iets in m’n netwerk of protocols aan te passen?

    P.S. Ik heb je BASIC45 gedownload, maar kan geen readme.txt ofzo vinden voor een changelog? Ben benieuwd wat de verschillen zijn met de versie die ik nu heb. Zou je me die willen mailen of aanwijzen op jouw site?

    Alvast bedankt.

  3. firmware / html komt inderdaad van Conceptronic (let op, geen s erachter) vandaan.

    De fan is niet aanstuurbaar die krijgt gewoon power van het board. Ik heb ze zelfs helemaal niet aangesloten want ze zijn niet nodig omdat de aluminiumbehuizing genoeg warmte afvoert en het product ‘groot’ genoeg is.

    Doorvoersnelheid is door de RDC chipset niet echt je van het te noemen mbt SMB datadoorvoer. Wanneer je het via FTP verstuurd gaat het dubbel zo snel. 3 tot 4MB haal ik dan afhankelijk van mijn systeemdrukte

    Merendeel van de updates ligt in het feit dat het product stabieler is gemaakt, geen fouten meer bij datacopy genereerd, support voor 4GB bestanden en een aantal andere mindere interessante features. (of er zijn bugs opgelost waarvan je

    dacht: zulke bugs horen er niet in) …

    Basic41 is een goede versie echter stabiliteit is daar minder van dan bij 45

  4. Giacomo says:

    Please, could you write how I may upgrade the NAS-BASIC and LOADER? I saw that there are a lot of files in so what I have to upload in order to upgrade all?
    Furthermore: how may I change the web interface? Is it possible to translate the web interface after I uploaded the last NAS-BASIC and LOADER version?

    Thanks a lot.


  5. Giacomo says:

    May be I’ve understood… I have to upload Conceptronic45-69.bin that is the full web+kernel+loader upgrade.
    Now, how may I upgrade just the web interface in order to translate it? Is it possible or I have to send you the html code and you build the .bin file properly?


  6. Giacomo says:

    Last comment! :)

    Is it true that there is the 32Gb FAT32 limit? Is it possible to format the disc with some utilities like Partition Magic avoiding that limit?
    Otherwise: is there a chance to create a lot of partitions all accessible via LAN?

  7. Giacomo, please use latest file (45-69).
    I am not having any guidelines available yet. but experienced users can upgrade without any problem

    just update the web interface is through nas.web plain and simple
    use the source of the webfiles to change it to your own needs. Send those files back to me and I compile them into a nas.web

    format the device through the format option in the device to have it totally formatted to fat32, or use partitionmagic, swissknife etc.. It’s not possible to have multiple partitions.

  8. Giacomo says:

    Probably there is a mistake in the form where you may enable/disable the DHCP server on the web management. I was trying to disable the internal DHCP server from the main Status page. I’ve clicked on the radio button “Disable DHCP Server”. Clicking on the “Apply” button, I’ve got the windows error message box “Action failed! Error input data”. It’s impossible to disable DHCP server from the web. Using “landisk_wtools.exe” utility, I’ve disabled the DHCP server succesfully. I can see the new setting in the Status web page but it’s still impossible to enable again the DHCP using the web server. I think there is a problem with the input form.

  9. Hai,

    In de comments van de vorige versie vroeg ik ook om een kleine How-To. Nu schrijf je “I am not having any guidelines available yet. but experienced users can upgrade without any problem”
    En daar loop ik op stuk, NAS/LAN is terra incognita en ik heb 1x een kleine aanloop nodig welke files ik hoe upload en waarom.

    Wil je alsjeblieft helpen?


  10. Hi again,

    I’ll keep my messages in English because more people than just me are wondering about this.
    If you could adjust my reasoning process where it goes wrong.

    I’ve been reading everything I could find on this topic and what I understood is that
    3 sections need to be updated if I want to fully use your firmware package.
    1. Loader, 2.Firmware, 3. GUI/Web interface.

    I must download nas-basic45-69-r5.rar and unpack it.

    The HTML-GUI folder holds the editable GUI files before compiling.
    The LOADER69 folder holds only the loader update.
    The UTILITY folde holds some pretty nifty stuff.
    The WEB folder holds only the GUI update.
    The WEB-KERNEL folder holds the GUI and the actual firmware update.
    The WEB-KERNEL-LOADER folder holds the GUI, the actual firmware and the loader update.

    Updating can be done through the GUI by going to http://Storage or
    Go to Maintenance, select upgrade firmware and use the file in the WEB-KERNEL-LOADER (if you want to update all 3 items).

    Using the update function in landisk_wtools.exe works just as well to update all 3 sections at once.
    Using the update function in quick_upgrade.exe COULD work just as well, if Iknew what to fill in for Host and why the previous tool doesn’t need that.

    Alternately you can do this;

    MT.exe can be used to upload the loader and a syntax would be “MT.exe rom125_2m.bin”.
    Alternately you can run MT.exe and just follow instructions from there.

    tftp.exe is used to upload the actual firmware AND/OR loader, a syntax would be “tftp.exe -i put (kernel+web file).
    For this to work the main computer IP needs to be in the 169.254.0.x range.

    ‘something’ is used to upload the web interface and a syntax would be well… I don’t know.

    The way I see it, unless I screw things up I just want to use the file in the WEB-KERNEL-LOADER folder and update it through the standard update routine of the GUI (or landisk_wtools.exe)

    So… sounds about right?

  11. New question:

    A NAS box made by Fantec, also using the same firmware type, had a strong note that the USB and LAN ports were NOT to be used simultaneously, but didn’t say why.

    My NAS box looks very different, but like I said, uses the same firmware. Does that mean I too should not use the two ports simultaneously? And if so, why is that?

    Before I put two and two together I was ‘dumb’ enough to do it anyway. I hooked the LAN up to my router while the USB goes directly to my PC. It seems to work just fine… for now.
    Is it just a problem of possible conflicts in software or can it actually damage the hardware?



  12. that sounds about right Ray
    although your first ip must be starting with 169, not 168
    the quick_update should scan the network and fill-in the device hostname and IP address. Manually you cannot fill in anything, just select what the utility has found and the hostname will be in the dialog box.. plain and simple.

    mt.exe I would not update like what you did I even wonder if that will work as mt has a menu and needs to have an ip address to store the loader. But maybe you are right. I never tried it that way.

    tftp.exe is part of ie. Windows XP.

    I have no information about LAN/USB port to work at same time
    It can mess up the MBR probably when it wants to store information at the same time..

  13. For some reason I missed it before, but when USB is connected, you can no longer connect over LAN.
    The NAS just doesn’t recognise the disk as being present.
    Seems logical, don’t want to have two write actions at the same time… Really funny that I didn’t notice it before though, I really thought it used to be able to do that with the old firmware.
    My mind must be playing tricks on me.

    Anyway, I too noticed that DHCP cannot be altered through the web interface… oopsie!

  14. Marius says:


    I’m having trouble with my Lan Disk, all firmware upgrades didn’t make any difference. When going to sleep (according to the sleep time I set) and waking up again, no SMB or FTP access works any more. Where the folders are supposed to be, only name and vendor of my HD is displayed. Rebooting the NAS helps, but that’s a bit messy – logging in over the web interface, rebooting, waiting … everytime I want to use it. Does anyone know where the error may be?

    I formatted the drive several times, maiking new folders – no effect.

    If I’m not in the right thread here, sorry, I’m a bit lost with all the categories (and different languages) on Your site.


  15. Lega says:

    Have you found a resolution for the drive wake up problem? I experience the same difficulties. I have tried several firmwares; no effect too.


  16. Hello there,
    my first question, are you the (root) developer of this firmeware ?
    Is the source somewhere available on the net ? ’cause I would like to build some ‘special’ algorithms into my ‘box’ (for myself) like ‘download auto backup from other ftps’, ‘set date/time automatically’, etc… i’m a student of informatics at the RWTH-Germany.

    but my main problem:
    today i got my first NAS-BASIC45 LOADER69 system. my hd has 2 partitions, usb connection works fine (and fast) with both partitions ;) but i cannot activate the SMB or adding user-accounts to the FTP using the WEB-frontend. I got a java error ‘action failed, general error’ and ‘error failed, input data’.. using the basic45 and your new beta basic47.. all other firmewares like ‘teac’ and so includes the same error.

    could you please help me ?
    greets christoph

  17. no, I am totally not the developer. I am only a customer with some contacts in the east. RDC or another 3rd party is doing the development on the core source. The 2882 devices are this low prices that there almost no RAM/ROM available to add other hardware. So there is thing to change.

    Check the HTML source if you can find the error ;-) than fix that and compile the websource. I’ve not seen or heard that my html code is problematic

  18. Bill says:

    Landisk have had a firmware v48 out for a while now although it is only available direct from them by supplying serial numbers, photo of unit and MAC address. Does anyone now what it updates over v47.

  19. Is it possible for me to taylor the web interface for my NAS drive afterward the updated firmware has been loaded? I’m using 20 Fantom Drives in an Enterprise environment to sync them all with the same information. I want all the web interfaces to have my company logo and colors, is it easy to do?

  20. /\/78ur/\/3R says:

    I have upgraded successfully MAPLINK KC31-Network NAS device model with the Loader 69-Kernel 48 Conceptronic Firmware kindly provided by Dennis
    For your reference :
    I have identified the following HW into MAPLINK KC31-Network ;
    IP101A Chip, RDC 2882 .
    All R1-R4 Pins are factory hard-jumped.
    3x LV545A chips and an EON 75160L16 chip mounted on a chip swapable socket.
    I hope this info helps to sb.

  21. Neil says:

    Hi All,

    I have a LanDrive model HD9-U2LA, and it has firmware NAS-BASIC27 on it. Where can a obtain a newer firmware version for my model?

    The lan drive when reading it from computers can be very slow, choppy, seems to be a delay, but when writing to it is vey fast, and some times when deleting directorys they re-apeer.


  22. no_idea says:


    have a NASBASIC v49b2 LanDrive ICY-BOX NAS-900 and accidently copied some files bigger 4GB to the drive.

    Now, all shares and data seem to be gone and I can not see shares via network nor USB.

    Webinterface is still working and says theres 54,26 percent of disk space used but no shares are shown on the SMB server page.

    I need that data. What can I do.


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