NAS-BASIC45 release x

pfff again a new release of nas-basic45-69-r8.rar in /landisk

Again a dude with comments on the HTML interface which I had to fix. This week: no fixes anymore. Be happy and grab only the nasb.web from the /landisk/latest release folder

8 thoughts on “NAS-BASIC45 release x

  1. MOL says:


    I was wondering… After upgrading to your firmware, the gui of my network disk still mentiones Conceptronic. Is this OK?

    I excepted that you designed a new gui for this device :)

    Another question, before I found this website, I always used the FTP server or Conceptronic to see if new firmware updates were available. I saw that the latest update on the FTP server has a file date of 10-10-2006. Are they the same as yours?

  2. MOL says:

    hmm im not that awake anymore…

    It should be: expected of course, instead of excepted. And FTP server OF Conceptronic, instead of or.

  3. 2 questions and some answers
    1. I had the idea, someone made it and I finalized it, dude went back to school, me happy. (and maintaining it)

    2. Yes they are ‘almost’ equal

    3. If someone designs a wonderful gui I will abandon the exiting one

  4. MOL says:

    Thanks for your reply.

    Well the gui works, so its good enough :)

    BTW: in the future, will the FTP functionality undergo any major revisions? It would be nice for example if it could accept site-to-site traffic (FXP, wiki:

    That way I could download big files at night using the network disk, without using my computer.

  5. LOL, first of all, I’m not the lead developer within RDC, just a lucky guy with more info than others ;-)

    FXP is something you do not want due to security reasons. I know where you want to use it for but that’s whishful thinking. Rather you buy a simple Linux server and put FTP up with that feature.

    I did it and it worked ..;/-) but for the LANDISK: no go

  6. The program flash fxp is not a problem. the feature FXP on FTP servers / clients is different.
    FXP makes it possible to copy data to / from FTP servers without the need to copy it to your own system.

    Ie. Server A, Server B, Client
    Normally you download from Server A to Client, Upload to Server B
    with FXP you can start the session from the client, logon the Server A and directly copy the data to Server B without the need or bandwith of the client.

  7. Hi again, Excellent stuff, if only the big companies had support like this…

    A silly question perhaps: is it a must to reset the config data and reconfig it all from scratch every time you update the package? For motherboards it’s pretty much standard, but do these things care about that too?

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