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  1. Troymclure says:


    Is anyone experiencing problems with the FTP Server (Landisk) behind a NAT firewall? I get disconnected connections. I’ve tried both passive and port mode. And with port 20 and 21 forwardede on the Linksys router.

    Best regards


  2. concealtronic says:


    I bought one such device and I ran into difficulties.
    I asked for support though email although they seem no to want hearing about enduser support as i could only guess an email address I hope they read.

    But I am happy finding this blog so I’ll try to ask here too:
    “I purchased one of your products called Grab’n’Go Network Hard Disk (CHD3LAN).

    After a series of experiments I experienced the phenomenon that file locking functionality is entirely disabled, i.e if one client opens a shared file for exclusive access, any other client can still read, modify or remove the same file. Seemingly some or all of samba lock configuration flags are disabled. I tried all of the few configuration options like setting password for the share but none of them enabled locking.

    I would like you first to confirm that this is expected behaviour with current (latest) firmware.

    Furthermore, I would like to ask if file locking support is planned in future firmware versions or hardware constrains makes such functionality impossible (as it can involve considerable temporal state).”

    Thanks for any help!

  3. Peter,

    if you have a CHD3LAN the support e-mail address is just at the first pages of the manual, so I cannot agree with you that they do not want to seem about hearing end-user support

    The file-locking problem is tested/fixed/changed/modified some times by RDC when I check their release notes. Your report does state some experiments you did. I even wonder if RDC has implemented a full SMB featured device. Maybe not, but than all RDC based devices suffer from it.

    So complaining against the support the guys who sell CHD3LAN is a little bit hard: they can try to reproduce the error if found at their site they only can submit to their tech-people and than wait for a long time until RDC has replied.


  4. Jack says:

    Hi all,
    I have got similar problem to od1sea and I am trying to solve it now. I already have found pdf file with “unbrick device” tutor but I don’t understand some description: what means high (VDD)? is it 5V0 or 12V on my PCD or something else.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,

  5. od1sea says:

    VDD means power voltage of Flash Eprom (memory), normaly about 3V.

    To be sure you must search what kind of eprom you have, search a datasheet of your eprom and find VDD pin.


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