Landisk: How to fix a bricked LANDRIVE (alternative style)

Xavier Abella (od1sea) wrote a howto how to fix a Landrive based (RDC 2882 chipset) with some linksys styled fix.

Note that this fix could be not applicable to your other brandname branded device. I believe od1sea has a LanStorage device.

Download here the PDF written by od1sea

24 thoughts on “Landisk: How to fix a bricked LANDRIVE (alternative style)

  1. Eriberto says:

    WOOOWWW!!! trying to apply what Xavier tell us, just for knowing my Fantec Landrive seems having a completely different board and chips, other tha RDC one, maybe because it has the usb connection too, i tried to ligh on my nas without the disk connected and…. it works perfectly!!!! Reformatted the disk, after backup all data via usb and my landrive is working again with the conceptronic firmware!!!

    Thanks to all, just for make all more easy i past here my previus symptoms just mailed. Eriberto

    Great problems here, help needed…
    My Landisk stop working via net connection even if on usb works fine. It seems it doesn’t respond anymore to the standard IP, neither works as DHCP, the only way to ping it is attaching to my lan router that give it an ip addres via dhcp. This way i can ping it but i can’t reload the firmware anymore. Using MT, TFTP, Quickupdate i got several error, as “recevfrom error 10060″ and a “Config set fail!”, but no way to get it back again. With landisk wtools i can’t see it even if mt ping it.

    Thanxs in advance, Eriberto

  2. Paul says:


    Just checked out od1sea’s guide. Pretty good – thanks.

    I’m at least able to ping the device by switching it on after the first two seconds. I’m trying to follow his guide, but cant find the pinto short as my board is different?

    Is od1sea still around? anyone?



  3. Moreno says:

    Very good tutorial!

    My ViPower VPA-3528NET was a brick but now is working !!! Thank you very much Mr. od1sea!!!

    By the way, my board is different from that showed in the tutorial, but I just put the A18 line to VCC in my EN29LV040A flash (plcc), shorting the pins 1 ans 32 (they are near) while booting. Then, when the device become reachable (via “ping -t”), I make the firmware upgrade via the “quick_upgrade.exe” software.

    So easy!!! :-))

  4. od1sea says:

    @Moreno: i feel good with your news.

    @Paul: can yo give us more info about your board and integrated circuits?. Sorry for the delay.

  5. I’ve got a rebranded R2881 LANDISK, which seems to be bricked. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of.

    Connecting the NAS directly to the computer
    Setting IP address to for the computer and the Subnet as (tried too with ip combination from – 3).

    Ping never finds the device at all however my computer says its connected on whatever IP address I feed it.

    Any ideas? Hell, I know you’re in The Netherlands… I can mail you the enclosure if you want ;)

  6. Please note that 2881 chipset based devices are NOT able to use any of the firmware described on my pages.

    ONLY 2882 chipset can be used with my firmware version (which are loader and kernel of RDC with an own html interface)

    2892 is again the latest chipset for landisk with RDC .. which you also CANNOT use.

    so if you have 2881: bummer for you but you neglected messages about speaking me about 2882

  7. deegy says:

    Did the A18 trick on the Maplin Nas a 2882 mine has a en29lv040a so it was short 8-9 on the left hand side of the chip. I flashed it via the web page

    So we re all back working now thanks

  8. Chris says:


    I have the exact same unit over here of which the case and PCB are shown in the pictures of this tutorial. My RDC chip even had the little round “PASS QC” sticker on it but when I removed it I found out the chip is actually a R2881 NOT a R2882! I don’t think that sticker got placed there by accident.

    If I’m right, this means the R2881 chip and R2882 chip are identical. That would mean firmware updates do NOT depend on the chip being a R2882 but depend on the other components on the board, much like the writer of the tutorial explained.

    Since this is a cheap NAS I’ll try and upgrade to the latest firmware version to see what happens.

  9. Chris says:


    I have upgraded the device with the latest firmware 48B and it WORKS!
    I haven\’t been able to upgrade the loader (error message) though. I\’m still using version 67 now.

  10. George says:

    I have an External Landisk but an unsuccess firmware upgrade bricked my device. Only the USB connection works but the Lan connection does not. It is an STR8132 chipset based device. Have you any idea how can I repair my device?

    Hereby the link, this is the LanDisk I have:


  11. Aldo says:

    Hi all, and compliments for the high quality of the content of this forum.
    And now the question.
    I have bricked my Landrive, and at this moment it responds to ping only 2-3 times a few seconds after powering on.
    So i would try to revive it putting A18 “to high”, but i don’t understand how i can make it.
    I suppose, i must short two pins, but i not know wich pins.
    In the SUPER guide of od1sea i see a picture with a red arrow pointing to a blue marked pin of the 39VF040 component. So i understand, this pin may be shorted with another (ground ?), but i have no idea witch wich one.

    Please, can someone help me ?

    Many thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english.

  12. Dr J C Bullas (aka Fatbloke) says:

    Your webpage de-bricked my Lindy LAN USB 2.0 silver box!!!!! I did discover the drive was set as slave which could not have help – reflashing the firmware has enabled my Speedtouch 585 to actually see the brick on its device list! Flashing to the Lindy firmware bricked it back to default “sort of” YOUR method recovered it…. WELL DONE

    Greetings from Southampton UK

  13. ReGun says:


    I have ARGOSY HD363N landisk ( Storagebird lan fujitsu-siemens etc) I was destroy it in tests another firmware.
    Now this landisk on the router have MAC 06:07:08:09:0A:0B and don’t get IP from DHCP router.
    Have’t any IP. only “emergency mac” 06-…-0B.
    Chipset R2881. How recover firmware ? How assign IP ?
    My mainboard landisk have green PCB on the pdf:
    best regard ReGun

  14. Chris says:

    Simply follow the guide as it is explained in the .pdf file. By inserting a piece of metal in the indicated spot you will short 2 pins. This makes pin 18 \”high\”.

    Follow the rest of the guide to get things done…

  15. Tomi says:

    I have latest model of LANServer, with build in chip S2892. I Flashed it
    with NAS2891-012, but now NAS dont recongnise me any hard disk.
    Where to get any Firmware for S2892 chipset?

  16. Fabian says:


    after flashing my landisk it is vanished form all tools.

    Only Od1sea ti with the ping on turning it on showed 2 correct pings.

    But I absolutely don’t understand how to find this A18 point.

    Should there be an inscription on the board? I have something saying C18. But as there are multiple chips I’m not shure which one to use.

    Should I hold the metal pin when the disk is running? Isn’t that dangerous? Or should I fix it to the contacts?

    Thank you very much!

  17. mark says:

    sir i have mikrobox mobile landisk ns 348 . after wronge firwere upgrade my device lost usb and ethernet port connection > usb dead totaly and ethernet connects at first boot for only 5 seconds only and then disconnects >> help please

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