CSS Layout

Help, I want to have changed the layout of the header!

Anyone an idea how to implement this? I just want to have the header longer (so the searchbox / google-ad is in same window …..

One thought on “CSS Layout

  1. Start by making sure the HTML is correct, by having it pass through the W3C html validator and fixing the errors (or at least the most disturbing ones.

    Also look at your site with Firefox. This is how it looks in my Firefox. Quite terrible.
    Since I’m a Linux-only user, I’ve no idea how it renders in IE.

    Besides the problem with the search box and the Google ad lying on top of it, there are also the issues of:
    – Seperator lines between the menu items of the top menu overlap the underlying image.
    – There is a large white gap between the dark ‘category’ section beneath the post and the Google Ad, which has the same dark background color.

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