LANDISK – RDC2882 – Clock Drift?

At 2 different locations (Holland / Spain) I have had tested the Landisk RDC 2882 based with various versions of available firmware: none of the locations was able to report to me the Clock Drift issue reported in the comments. So in short: I cannot reproduce the issue.

Also it seems that RDC is abandoning the 2882 chipset slowly as their main focus is now on the 2891 chipset which is similar but much better and improved performance. Do I have a sample of a landisk with this chipset: Yes ;-)  Do I have any sources / kernel etc.? No at this time not ..

and a lot of time I was asked what kind of OS is used: that is the main core if I am correctly informed..

5 thoughts on “LANDISK – RDC2882 – Clock Drift?

  1. Eriberto de'Munari says:

    Is it possible to use landisk as web server using http protocol, maybe linking the web interface with the configuration tool?

    All the best, Eriberto

  2. Willem says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I got this week my “generic” landisk from Ebay and after setting it up I installed also the latest code. It came with NAS-BASIC45 Loader 69 and now it has NAS-BASIC47 (b4) Loader 69 en new webcode. It works quite stable. However, I seem to have a problem with the Time Setting. Setting it to GMT+1 with or without Daylight Saving Time gives me 1 hour wrong time. When setting GMT+2 it gives the correct time. Is this a known issue ?

  3. dsouza says:

    Hi! I had the problem with the clock drift with my Landisk (Vipower VPA3528Net), and I solved the problem using the loader 0.69 model 125M available at

    It looks like the clock drift is an issue of using loaded model 100M on recent hardware (what makes me wonder about if 100M and 125M actually means the CPU clock 100MHz and 125MHz, which would explain the clock drift issues if the wrong firmware is applied to the wrong HW).

  4. Max Power says:

    I tried both loaders. The 125M loader makes the clock go too slow and the 100M loader makes the clock run too fast.

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