RDC 2882 chipset LANDISK

Latest news: 2882 is abandoned project and no new support is expected. RDC is focussing on 2891 chipset. Bummer!

Loader69 and Loader70 is / are in use, probably has to do with starting various hardware devices.

21 thoughts on “RDC 2882 chipset LANDISK

  1. gibran says:


    Maybe they will relase some code or info and let some opensource developer continue supporting their product.

  2. gibran says:


    I’m not a developer,
    I had a though time searching for infos.
    According to my searches the 2882 is a RISC CPU
    using a X86 compatible opcode set (RDC2880).

    Maybe the only things needed are info about the loader and some firmware packaging utilities.

    It wouldn’t hurt some example code or dev manual too…

    If I’m correct the loader load the os and has an emergency flash support, so it would be worth experimenting with…

  3. od1sea says:

    “If I’m correct the loader load the os and has an emergency flash support, so it would be worth experimenting with…”

    it has emergency support but “how loader work?”

  4. J.F. Berlemont says:


    I’m using a NAS storage disk, with the RDC 2882 chipset.
    After a firmware upgrade to BASIC46, no way to communicate with the device, even by USB.

    What can be done to get this thing alive again ?

    Thx in advance for any help.


  5. R Janssen says:


    I had the same problem with a Packard Bell Netstore 3500.
    I managed to revive it using MT.exe.
    Now happily running NAS-BASIC47, LOADER 69.


  6. Sam Bartle says:


    Sorry if this isnt the right place for this (its not related to the post exactly)

    Im having a problem with a new landisk (ive tried all sorts of firmwares) where I can create ftp folders no problem but cannot assign permissions on specific folders.. i saw in one of the pdf manuals that there should be a modify button for the FOLDER but there never is.. can anyone help me with this? (i can email to avoid spamming the comments as Im not sure where else to turn.. )

  7. nas-basic48 is probably from Fantec which seems comparable with 47-B1, where the official latest version for 2882 chipset is V47-B4

    not more not less. Do not expect any major update anymore for this chipset.

  8. lelere says:

    Hi dennis

    I m not sure V48 is a simple V47B1 or V47B4.
    I ungzip the kernel.bin and find the code.bin (date 06/06/2007).
    I made a windiff comparison between those 2 code.bin and i can see many differnece between them.
    Anyway, something more surprising, is the 2 new file already include in the websrc folder.
    wget.htm and wget_sel.htm
    wget is a free software package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
    I m not sure those 2 htm files are linked in the status page. (variable has not been added in the utility_use.htm)
    Maybe somebody how knows Wget can try it?
    Feedback are welcome!

  9. Jean says:

    Hi all,

    I’m really interested in all your works, as i would like to hack my little LANServer box too … I’ve sent some email to the RDC R&D team, and learned that the firmware may be released as open source … Still waiting for …

    Lelere, you say you ungziped the .bin files to retrieve .html file : i’ve tried to do the same work on the latest “FirmwareBasicNAS_pleiade_4.8b6.bin” and “Loader_70.bin” i’ve found, but the files seems not to be gziped …

    At this time, things that can be easily done is updating the LANServer HTML interface, but it would be nice to be abble to interact even more with the stored files (HTML server should let user download files stored on the hard drive).

    If someone else is interested in hacking the LANServer, it would be a good idea to create a new sourceforge project ? Don’t hesitate to send me an email !

    Best regards,
    Jean (a happy LANServer French user)

  10. Mathew Boorman says:

    I can only hope they open source it! It would certainly leave a much better taste in my mouth, considering the thing has been pretty unreliable. I am truely tired of ‘flash upgradeable’ bits of equipment that never get updated or fixes.

    I did find that FTP mode seems a fair bit faster than SMB mode, AND that in FTP mode you get more access control. I swapped to using curlFtpFS instead of SMB mounts on linux, and so far so good. Still not totally stable, push it too hard and still falls over.

  11. Gad nammit. I was really hoping someone would have written something so it can do ext3 or xfs. I want to set it up as the main storage for mythtv in another room with all access through SMB/NFS. It looks like that’s just not going to happen.

  12. the RDC2882 is EOL .. (more or less) .. 2891 is successor but is NOT running Linux .. No other filesystems other than FAT32 is possible

    If you want to have something with EXT2/EXT3 etc.. you need a more expensive device with ie. a Marvell chipset

  13. Lauren says:

    Hi there,

    Is anybody else experiencing this kind of problem: the first time I try to access the NAS (in my case it’s a Vantec), I only get a limited portion of the whole content, and most files apper duplicated! I have to refresh the explorer in order to get the true contents.

  14. R.Wieser says:

    Is there documentation available to the r2882 chipset ? I allready tried rdc.com, but they (said that they) could not help me.

  15. R.Wieser says:

    Does anyone know if its possible to load-and-run a kernel *without* directly writing it into flash-memory. I currently have console (RS232) access, so I’ve got a set of debugging commands available.

    Maybe by loading a (kernel) file from the disk itself ?

  16. fonstm says:

    hi there,
    did somebody got e html page overview from the netstore 3500 500gig ethernet drive. all info about this drive i like to get,
    it would be great to open the os for more deamon options like mail server options

    mail computer_hulp@hotmail.com


  17. Mark says:

    I have a Sitecom MD-250 (RDC2882) but after some fiddling with different firmwares it cannot be accessed anymore.

    It doesn’t react on it’s ip-address, built in DHCP server doesn’t work anymore, utility and MT.exe cannot find it anymore.

    Is this device revivable?

    Thanks in advance.

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