Conceptronic CH3SNAS


New Playtoy around from Conceptronic .. The Conceptronic CH3SNAS a NAS storage device for 2 SATA drives based on Linux with funplug to add functionalities. See some innershots here

Some hints and tips:

  • Use the funplug module to add features like telnet .. 
  • Not longer username than 8 characters: this is due to the tinylogin module which has this restriction. Another login module would solve this issue
  • Bittorrent support? Not by default.

8 thoughts on “Conceptronic CH3SNAS

  1. Erwin Sprengers says:


    I’m thinking of getting me the same NAS. Do you have some hints and tips to expand the possibilities of the NAS?
    I know funplug exists, but is there more?



  2. Erwin Sprengers says:

    OK clear….


    webserver (tiny)
    Bittorrent client

    For example, when you look at the Nexus enclosures, many “plugins” exist.

  3. bittorrent client: possibly
    twonky: possible
    photoserver: no idea, you need hacking
    webserver (tiny) possible

    magic word: funplug

    many hacking options possible. No direct support by manufacturer

  4. Alexander says:

    Hey there!

    I’m a total newbie with that stuff, can anyone tell me if it’s possible to hack this device? If yes, is there any tutorial somewhere? and last but not least: Can you do it on windows?

    Thanks in avance.

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