Message to Self: WordPress 2.2.2 array fix

WordPress 2.2.2 has a very strange bug on some servers. After installing the 2.2.x branch successfully you try to configure in the wp-admin menu some settings and all settings show ‘array’ . Archhhh ..

after very long waiting finally found a working solution in the wordpress forum:
Try edit /wp-includes/plugin.php [Line : 102], inside remove_filter function.
Change :

To : $wp_filter[$tag][$priority][serialize($function_to_remove)] = array();
unset( $wp_filter[$tag][$priority][serialize($function_to_remove)] );

this fix in the plugin.php file will fix all the ‘array’ appearances and you can work with the new WordPress 2.2.x version.
So message to self: try to upgrade this weekend to 2.2.2 where plugins and theme keeps unaltered ;-)

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