LANDISK – RDC2891 Sourcecode

After long discussion, I finally got a written approval for getting the sourcecode for the RDC based LANDISK (in this case for the RDC 2891 chipset). But probably also usable for the RDC 2882 chipset as the way of firmware upgrade / firmware is the same.

As I am not into compiling and not want to brick any device I have on hand: greet my sponsors at and than visit the rdc2891 folder to get the rdc2891.rar file

Use at your own risk. ;-)

8 thoughts on “LANDISK – RDC2891 Sourcecode

  1. Darn… v48 isn’t the most stable driver on earth. I hope that someone with some knowledge about this can help us out. I’d appreciate it a lot. I’d even consider giving a donation.

  2. lelere says:

    Thanks Dennis for the source code.

    If I open for example the https\cgi_bridge.c, there is around 16 h files requested in it.
    Where can i find them? with the compiler paragon 6.0?
    should they been modified before begin a compilation?

  3. I never acclaimed the website had all sources, but during the years the website provided the only stuff available to modify a certain part.
    I even tried during my time as product manager for Conceptronic to disclosed the whole sourcecode due to GNU-GPL, but as you already stated, it’s uC/OS-II which is not opensource at all (although there is a very little part of it GNU-GPL)
    RDC as chipset manufacturer never opened to me that kind of info,
    THe RDC NAS devices firmware was 1 file built upon 2 binaries/datafiles, the OS as part totally closed and the HTML and some other little stuff as other part (open to OEM/ODM)

    Actually, they created a way to allow >4GB files over LAN, by counting the DATA, split it when it >4GB and store the second file from the first byte >4GB, there was also written a text file with the data how to put the 2 binaries back together.

  4. Arnoud says:

    Thanks for your update Dennis, I wasn’t aware that you actually worked at Conceptronic. I spoke to someone from RDC who told me that all the staff that worked on 2891 has left the company and the company is now focusing on IPC and industrial automation instead of consumer network products. (They used to do WiFi routers as well, those had 486-like CPUs.)

    After getting a confirmation that they wouldn’t be used commercially the RDC contact seemed willing to give me the sources if only they could be found, but nobody knows where. Only new piece of information is that the firmware was apparently compiled using Paradigm C++ ( ) which requires a licence, making my plans even more impossible.

    You describe a method for storing >4 GB files over SMB, is this implemented in the official firmware?

  5. Yep, it is implemented in the 2891 and earlier chipsets of RDC 2882 , I believe it was first introduced in this 2882 chipset after pressing OEM/ODM manufacturers that customers needed support for >4GB files. Then they introduced that. I believe it was somewhere in 2006, cause I still have all the files we got and found some own documentation about that written by myself. the biggest issue was that the loader was always pre-compiled and that we could not do or change anything about it. That’s why we only can adjust the HTML interface.

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