Conceptronic CH3SNAS 1.03beta3 Firmware

Oeps.. the long awaited Sony Playstation 3 support for CH3SNAS was not functioning. After debugging we found out that the UPnP Server could not be started.

This was fixed quickly and now a new version has been released. UPnP Server working: PlayStation 3 Working (MP3 at least, movies seems to be difficult with PS3 .. )

and euh .. it’s beta .. so no warranty on working and the safety of your data¬†;-)

update: I see some ‘sudden’ disconnects from the UPnP server .. No idea how to trace and to find what is causing the disconnect (I am playing a 80min MP3 file and after about 45 minutes the server disappears .. Damn!)

One thought on “Conceptronic CH3SNAS 1.03beta3 Firmware

  1. i2Paq says:

    These “hick-ups” are not only with the 1.03beta, also with the 1.02 that is currently on my device.

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