X-Mas Beta Release CH3SNAS 1.03b5

Okay, the guys from Conceptronic just released the 1.03b5 firmware as the feedback from customers was really helpful solving issues. Next to fixing 2 issues one wanted feature was added.

Fixed: RAID issue 

Raid roaming is not (yet) supported. Means that it’s not guaranteed that a Raid Array keeps existing after inserting the 2 HDD’s in another CH3SNAS box.  I believe that to keep the array alive the other CH3SNAS must be configured to RAID1 already.

Fixed is the issue that trying above feature the RAID array in the original CH3SNAS was broken. When ftp was used wrong volume names and labels were used.

Added feature: FTP -H option 

After our update of the FTP server to PureFTP we received reports from some users that they were not able to logon quickly (20 seconds or more waiting time).

We fixed this to add the -H option starting the ftp server (-H means that there will be no reverse DNS lookup)

Fixed: Restarting UPnP Server on DHCP 

Most debugging we did on the UPnP AV Server. 

We discovered that when streaming data  to a mediaplayer at random times the stream was disconnected. Debugging showed that if the lease of the DHCP was ended the whole startup script was executed again causing the UPnP Server to be restarted as well. Especially when playing long MP3 files this issue was shown.

Please note that this issue was caused using DHCP. When using fixed IP this issue did not occur.

Update: wrong file added in the rar file :-( My Mistake.. It’s fixed now.

Download the beta 1.03b5 here

The filename inside must be refer to: CH3SNAS.1.03(1.33.1220.2007)

7 thoughts on “X-Mas Beta Release CH3SNAS 1.03b5

  1. Joris says:

    Volgens mij is de verkeerde firmware in de rar opgenomen. Ik zie een verwijzing naar 1.02 erin staan en de datum is 23 oktober.

  2. Rik says:

    cannot delete shares, however shares can be changed.
    power management does not work well. I think one disk (right?) keeps spinning
    ftp permissions, only one definition per user possible. So 2 permissions on different volumes per user not possible.

  3. Bas says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Have you heard anything from conceptronic around a new firmware version already? Will the problems mentioned above be fixed?
    I have been reading a lot about the CH3SNAS the lately and bought my own
    one this week. Before I start putting data on this device, what is at this moment the best firmware release to go for? (RAID 1 setup)

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