Regarding RDC2882 V49 firmware for LANDISK devices
RDC is writing that it’s a beta test version and they did not ‘publish’ it to the public
The reason for the release is a problem in the SAMBA function in MAC OS 10.5.1 however it seems that in MAC forums people write that there is more or less a bug in 10.5.1
compatibility problem…..so, MAC OS released 10.5.2 version to solve this
It seems that the NAS-BASIC48 firmware is just working fine with the 10.5.2 and that is one of the main reason they did not release NAS-BASIC49

14 thoughts on “RDC 2882 LANDISK

  1. Well… I have 10.5.2 and Samba doesn’t work with nasbasic48 :-/ Don’t think I’ll try 49 though because I doubt that 49 will be freeze free unlike buggy old 48 so I’ll just have to use it through USB :-S

  2. I also have 10.5.2 and Samba works for me.
    Is there a way to hack the firmware so that I can use another format for the disk?
    I think fat32 is not the optimum for nas drives.

  3. Hi Dennis,

    I wonder if we are going to see any more releases for the RDC2882 chipset based NAS boxed? I believe the latest release is the loader69 one, but that still leaves quite a bit to be desired. For example, there is a bug in setting time (an error is shown, but time usually seems to be set correctly). I’d also welcome some kind of password protection for Samba shares.

    Do you know anything about this?

  4. steven says:

    tryin to fix my rdc r2882-g , but it looks like all the post r old.. cant find anythin to fix it tried the MT.exe,tftp.. but everything was back in 2007.. wanderin if there is anything new on this matter? it be nice if i could fix it with the usb.. im not sure if there is a tool for that or not.. The usb works fine, but my lan quit workin after i flash a new fw, that i dont think was for it.. that was back in 2006 when i did it, got the stupid thing off ebay, and i dont think its even a name brand.. the board says FT3511-LAN, the box it came in says Venus.. but cant find any info on that brand…

    Also i have an INOi HD363N, and it has the sam problem Its an R2881

    Was trin to do the A18 trick, but not sure where to link it to the R2882 CPU has no pins on the side, they r under the chip itself.. where do i put pin A18?

    Is there any new posts on this matter?

  5. @steven, yes the posts are still accessible, but the entries are indeed very old, the product itself is not (most of time) supported due to the age of the product itself.

    there were various and many different RDC chips available that time, but lately you do not see them as Landisk/nas anymore.

    So the info available is what is available and there will not be any more I think

  6. Steven says:

    is there any other tools? other then landisk_wtools.exe, quick_upgrade.exe, MT.exe, TFTP.exe? cant seem to get it to read either of my LAN

  7. Steven says:

    Is there any other info i need other then the rdc r2882 name, to search for info to fix?

  8. matteo says:

    Hello people.
    This NAS is working quite well since years for me.
    It is not bery fast but id does what I need.

    Nou with the new TV set I need a DLNA …. does anybody know if this is feasible with this NAS ?

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