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  1. ruile says:

    i’ve been experiencing the same problem with ch3snas, i have more than 30.000 mp3 files, divided in multiple folders, and if if i select the root_share he does not recogniz the files and display’s “no music files found”. could this be related also with the problem mencioned above?

  2. Sorry, CH3SNAS should work fine with such amount. Please select the Volume_1 or Volume_2 and than make sure you enable the server again . .

    in the new firmware the database is automatically updated

  3. Michael Mrak says:

    Is version 1.04 now Beta or also a Final release like 1.03? Can i upgrade from 1.02 to 1.04 without problems, i have a Raid-1 array with 2 x 500 GB drives, all installed per default settings and fun_plug installed. Any hints?

    Michael Mrak

  4. ruile says:

    i thought so it should work, but it doesn’t… the server only works when selecting a single folder. if it has more than one it will say “no music file found”…i’ve tested with all the firmware, but sorry to say, in 3 diferent ch3snas none of them works. enabling the root_share and using the streamer from conceptronic, at first each of them say’s “no music file found”, the second time, apears several folders, and then when i’m trying to read the music the server disapears from the network and the streaner displays “no server available” . i’m using dhcp with a wireless n router from conceptronic and in all 3 ch3snas happens the same problem. let me say that 30.000 is an understatment, in both drives combined i have 55.478 files in 2865 folders ;-)
    please let me know…


  5. If you have about 55.000 files it takes at least 10 to 30 minutes that the database is made.

    and also: I cannot guarantee such amount of files do work with the standard UPnP AV server software

    Try Twonky.

  6. With version 1.04 i cannot access the library anymore from my Roku Soundbridge, with 1.03 i can (although i’m having troubles because of not allowed files / filenames)

    Does anybody have the same config? Roku Soundbridge M1001 with Conceptronics CH3WNAS (and a linksys WRT54GS with latest DD-WRT)?

  7. Sander Retz says:

    Hi Daniel,

    It looks like they broke the DNLA funtionality in the new firmware.
    I did some investigation on the box via telnet and it looks like the upnpav process is missing from the image. Thus cannot be started. So i’m back to 1.03 which has another problem with the upnpav server…It starts the process twice once for interface 0 (the 10/100/1000 NIC) and once for interface 1 (a non excisting interface) causing it to crash constantly. I fixed this by manually killing the wrong process on the ch3wnas but i’m really disappointed with this.
    This probably happens because i have wireless disabled and have got it connected to my 1000 mbit switch.

    I hope they fix this soon…
    And can we install a newgroup downloader onto this machine?

  8. it’s confirmed that 1.04 has a UPnP Server issue. I would have released today a new version if the index would not have been crashed with a segmentation fault.

    Note: the new version will have a UPnP server disabled by default, you need the easy search utility to install the server.

    With this new firmware we fix the issue that large indexes with data for the UPnP Server cannot be stored into the limited amount of memory the device has. The UPnP part will be stored ONTO the HDD now. This works, but only the index was not been able to finish ..

    So expect soon an update version

  9. Michiel says:

    “Note: the new version will have a UPnP server disabled by default, you need the easy search utility to install the server.”

    How does that work? I just installed the firmware 1.04 and I can’t acces the UPnP AV SERVER anymore. In Easy Search I can’t found anything about a installation of this server…

    Hopefully someone can help me….

  10. ding says:


    can someone tell me what cpu is used in CH3WNAS?
    will there be nfs or smb support in the future, so i can stream
    files from my settop box (dbox2)? thx!


  11. ding: samba 2.x is supported, nfs will not be supported due to limited memory into the device

    I believe that the processor is an 170 MHz Freescale MPC8241 with MPC603e Motorola PowerPC core. But not 100% sure

  12. Michiel Borkent says:

    I am having the same setup: CH3WNAS and Pinnacle Soundbridge HomeMusic. After upgrading to 1.04 the NAS didn’t appear anymore as an UnPn device in my network. Think I’m going to try 1.03 now…

  13. Michiel and others: read the release notes !

    the UPnP server is NOT present within the 1.04 firmware by default.

    If you want/need the new UPnP Server with improved stability than you need to INSTALL the new Easy Search Tool as well. When running this utility you can install the UPnP Server from this tool and use it.

  14. Michiel Borkent says:

    I tried that (using EasySearch) but it didn’t work at first. I guess it just took some time. Now when I try to scroll through artists or genre it only says: Others…

  15. Depending on how large your collection is, after installing the UPnP Server with the NEW easy seach utility, it can take up to 5 / 10 minutes for the database to be created

  16. Michiel Borkent says:

    I got it working if I:
    1) install new firmware (1.04)
    2) do an EasySearch 3900 Upnp install

    When I reboot the NAS again my upnp devices can’t connect anymore… even not after I’ve waited for some large amount of time.

  17. Michiel Borkent says:

    Some other issues (sorry for my complaining, I just want to make it work):

    – the server appears twice on my SoundBridge. One doesn’t connect, the other one only works after step 1 and 2. NOT after a second reboot or when I killed the upnp processes and start upnpscript manually…
    – when I browse \”artists\” it complains that receiving data failed

    Other issue that IS better in this version btw: diacritics are readable now on my SoundBrigde.

  18. Michiel Borkent says:

    Is there any way to change the way the track order of albums in which they get presented? Currently it seems that the server offers them in alphabetically order of the title, which is not really desirable if I listen to an album… wouldn\’t it be a better idea to use the track number for the order?

  19. I’m really surprise Michiel that you need to install every time the UPnP server
    through the utility. there can be some reasons:

    you run a fun_plug your own, the UPnP server itself will be installed ON your HDD and will also RUN through the fun_plug if I am correct. I can imagine that if you already run a fun_plug your own and it’s not accessible by the device itself it keeps not active after a reboot. So when using it: do not use other tools than default.

    The device is using the Intel’s UPnP server tool and that is a very basic one, so there is not a very very advanced UPnP server implemented. Maybe there are alternatives: http://forum.dsmg600.info/f2-DSM-G600-General-Discussion.html

  20. Michiel Borkent says:

    Hello Dennis,

    I got Firefly (svn 1696) working now on the NAS under Gentoo. It works perfectly with my Pinnacle Soundbrige, so I’m very happy now.

  21. Peter says:

    Hello Dennis,
    Will there be new firmware for the CH3WNAS?
    Is this new firmware able to spin down the harddisk?
    I also hope that the improved Upnp will work with my soundbridge.

    I now use 1.04 but this dous not work with my soundbridge. (yes i installed it with easysearch)


  22. Henk van den Bosch says:


    i am using the ch3wnas and i would like to use the email logs but this does not work. my mailserver says “552 Mail with no Date header not accepted here” is this a known problem? and is there a workaroud for it?

    With kind regards,

  23. Henk,
    kun jij mij vertellen wat voor mailserver dit precies heeft?
    eventueel waar we wat test mails naar toe kunnen sturen?
    (mag prive mailen)

  24. Markus says:

    With the new firmware 1.05 for CH3WNAS it seems that the contents of the UPNP directory are no longer updated. This also applies for the third party upnp server mediatomb. Although I specified a regular update interval of 30 min, new files are not recognized. Do you experience the same behavior and is there a solution for it?


  25. I believe you need to manually update the upnp server with the easysearch utility
    cause the upnp server now will reside partly on the HDD
    than it should update automatically

  26. Markus says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I activated the upnp server with the easysearch utility, but unfortunately no change. There is no new easysearch utility, and with 1.04 everything worked fine. How is the refresh done? Is there a cron job running?


  27. Toon says:

    Hello Dennis,

    I have the next problem with my new (1 week old) CH3WNAS.
    If I remove the power plug off CH3WNAS all user configuration get lost (IP settings and so). After connecting the power plug it does not recognises the harddisk anymore. I need to use the reset button for about 10 seconds and then the harddisk is back but all my user settings are lost. I need to load my previous saved settings to get it all working. Don`t say keep the power plug on the unit. There is a battery inside I guess to hold these settings or does all the CH3WNAS have the same fault?
    I use the latest firmware V1.05A, what else kan be wrong or must be done?

    Thanks in advance,


  28. Hi Dennis,

    i have a problem with my new CH3WNAS. The Wlan performance is very slow. My transfer rate is 500 kbytes/s. A transfer over Wlan for a 700 MB File lasts 30 minutes. I have the newest Firmware installed (1.06). is this normal or can it be broken?


  29. Harry says:


    all a happy new year, i´ve got a question, have a ch3wnas now for 2 days, all but the e-mail funktion works, when i configure e-mail function and test it, i got failure.
    Tested with e-mail accounts from web. de, freenet.de and googlemail.com, anonymus and account, both doesn´t work, any help here?
    Firmware 1.06 actual.

    second question, has anybody expierience with an ide-sata adapter and use an sata drive in the ch3wnas? because ide drives increases in price, sata are much more cheaper.

    ciao Harry

  30. John says:


    Ook ik heb problemen met de UpnP, is dit, als ik update naar V1.06 verholpen?
    Werk nog met versie 1.02.

    Raar is ook, dat als ik een user aanmaak met paswoord en een dir aanwijs, dat ik als ik daarop wil inloggen een User krijg (welke ik vroeger eens heb aangemaakt) die gefixeerd is en zich niet laat verwijderen, door degene in te vullen die in mijn userlijst staat??????? Paswoord kan wel, maar dat is zinloos zonder juiste user in te kunnen vullen.

    Graag advies.


  31. Johan says:

    Hallo, ik probeer mijn CH3WNAS ( te koppelen aan mijn wireless netwerk (router en aan mijn CFULLHDMAi player ( Staat de player uit, dan zien mijn pc/laptop (192.168.2.x) de NAS, zet ik de player aan, dan ziet de player de NAS wel, maar zien de pc/laptop de NAS niet meer. Wat doe ik verkeerd?

  32. Martin says:

    Hi all,
    I read the manual and I saw that it is possible to manage groups, but in the web interface I don’t find anything.
    The question is how to share a folder to one group of users, because now I only can grant access to one shared folder per user, and this is a shit!
    Thank you very much

  33. Mike says:

    I, i´ve bot an CH3WNAS but i´ve got a problem, wen 2 people are connected to do ch3wnas by wireless he works very good, but if a 3 person connects to the ch3wnas they lost the connections.
    Can somebody help me with this issus?????

  34. stephan says:

    Is it possible to use NTFS usb drives with the CH3WNAS? Now only read only with ntfs usb drive on the usb port. Is there a work around to use external drives with ntfs?

  35. Harrie says:

    I have also a problem
    When I try to add video’s from my Conceptronis CH3WNAS i find the disk, when I fill in the user and password it will refuse to add, every time he ask for the password
    Have my firewall set off for the test
    From every other computer the NAS is easy to get and works fine
    What is wrong?
    Do I miss something in XBMC installation?
    PLease help !!!!!!

  36. harry, the ch3wnas is a very very old single dirive NAS
    the issue about this is probably that the Samba version to connect to a share is too old and not supported anymore.
    it is possible that you need to change the samba configuration within your XMBC
    (if possible).

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