Beta testing new firmware CH3SNAS ?

I’ve new firmware available for those sending me an e-mail @ dennis @ aroundmyroom dot com

it’s 1.03 (0418.2008) where we have removed the scandisk function and fixed the e-mail issues with regard to the . and – characters not be able to use to store/save it.

In reply to reports of users mentioning that the HDD does not want to go into standby: engineers are not able to reproduce this <sigh>, so I must collect as much info as possible

  • How Much HDD? 1 or 2 ?
  • What is/are the brandname(s) of the HDD(s) ?
  • If you use 1 HDD, is it inserted LEFT or RIGHT (frontview) ?
  • If you use 2 HDD which one does not spindown ?
  • With which firmware did you format the HDD: 1.02, 1.03 ?
  • How is it formatted? Single Disk, Raid1 etc…
  • Do you use UPnP Server ?
  • Do you use iTunes Server ?
  • Did you enable PowerSave ?
  • Do you use Fun_Plug ?
  • Any other additional info you want to give?

14 thoughts on “Beta testing new firmware CH3SNAS ?

  1. Danny says:

    Is it possible to request features to be incorporated within the ch3nas?

    If so i’d like to request official NFS support (so you can control it via the webinterface).


  2. you can request, but NFS will not be implemented. NFS can be used (optional) with the tools of Fonz, NFS is enabled when compiling the CH3SNAS firmware, so the functionality is supported.

  3. Bomple says:

    ok, i’ll make a start:

    2 hdd’s, raid1
    exact modelnames can be seen from the dmesg output:

    * from the dmesg output it seems that no disk did ever spindown
    * disks were formatted with firmware version 1.3final1
    * no UPnP
    * no iTunes
    * Power Save was set to 5 minutes
    * Fun_Plug v0.4 with dropbear-ssh and rsync, no telnet (same setup as with 1.3b6a and 1.3final1, no troubles with powersave in those versions)

  4. 2 hdd’s raid 1
    2 x samsung spinpoint 500gig
    both not spinning down
    firmware 1.03
    raid 1 formatted
    upnp server
    no itunes
    powersave 5 minutes
    funplug 0.3 with fancontrol

    upgraded from 1.3b6a
    for the rest I’m very happy with the new auto-update feature in the upnp server, I’m missing a manual update button though

  5. Dijkx: if both hdd’s do not spin down: for sure you have stuff running which is causing this.
    remove fun-plug (disable it)
    make sure upnp is off, make sure itunes is off and powersafe-on
    and than check again
    if your upnp server is enabled for 5 min and your powersafe as well: that’s a no go solution.

  6. Dennis:

    I went back to 1.3b6a and the disks are spinning down straight away. I don’t know what you mean with ” upnp server enabled for 5 min and power safe as well” ?
    I want to use my upnp server so switching it of is not an option for me. There must be something in de new firmware causing the disks not to spin down, I’ upgraded from 1.3b6a to 1.3 final and straight away it is not working anymore? Of course I’m willing to test some things with the final version but I just went back to 1.3b6a

  7. Raider_MXD says:

    – 2 HDs

    – 1 TB Samsung (SAMSUNG Model: HD103UJ), 200 GB Maxtor (Vendor: Maxtor Model: 6B200M0)

    – The left one (Volume_1, HD_a2) spins up and down all the time

    – Formated under 1.2, box currently runs 1.3

    – Formated as two individual disks

    – no UPnp

    – no iTunes

    – PowerSave enabled

    – Problem exists both with and without Fun_Plug

  8. Raider_MXD says:

    I think I resloved my problem by flushing the printer queue via telnet, I’ll give it a closer look this evening. It would be helpful if a button for clearing the printer queue could be added to the web interface similar to what the D-Link guys did with their DNS323.

    I wonder if there’s no way for a cooperation between D-Link and Conceptronic since the hardware of the CH3SNAS / DNS323 seems to be identacial and the firmwares although look extremely similar. As far as I can tell you guys are even working on the same issues, although with varying priorities and velocities.

  9. Raider_MXD: I cannot disclose any information about Dlink – Conceptronic, sorry.

    and yes I am aware of the above standing wiki page.

  10. Lars says:

    Raider_MXD: I am seeing the same behavior on my CH3SNAS. Dunno if it was happening on the out-of-the-box firmware 1.2. Now running 1.3 with only 1 750GB Samsung disk installed in Volume_1 slot.
    Spins up every 10 – 15 minutes I think (didn’t time it yet).
    So basically the harddisk is constantly spinning down and up. Can’t be good for life-time. So SNAS is switched off now until fix found.

    Will try your suggestion on telnet printer queue flush. I am indeed using the SNAS as printer server as well.

  11. Hi,
    Question, i see there’s am option Ftp logging (-O), where do i turn this on ? And is there a way to see who is on your FTP and see what they are doing ?



  12. the -O option is more or less useless as it needs a certain part of output which was not enabled/added and is somewhere still on the todo list

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