CH3SNAS 1.04a1 release

1.04a1 release CH3SNAS firwmware, 1st release in 1.04 range. Only for beta-testers.

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  • UPnP Media Server content instantly updated by SMB and FTP transfer
  • Sending e-mail: allow the use of . and – in e-mail addresses
  • NFS v3 Server Support (kernel module support) enabled. Engineer forgot to enable it previous time(s) where it should be enabled as we wrote it was supported. Additional you need Fun_Plug to get it working
  • Scandisk feature: removed. Too much issues

This firmware is as-is and not qualified (yet) to be released through the website.

22 thoughts on “CH3SNAS 1.04a1 release

  1. MeAngry says:

    Thanks for adding NFS v3 support in the kernel! :D This was really holding me back on using NFS since Windows Vista only supports NFS v3.
    With this firmware I should be able to mount my disks using the NFS Client built into Vista (Ultimate). I’ll give it a try asap.

  2. Danny says:

    Ah you just made my day… I’ve been trying to get nfs working without much succes.
    My media streamer is a nfs v3 client and it doesnt work with a nfs v2 server.
    Since i thought the CH3SNAS was a v3 server i’ve been hitting a wall getting it to work.

    On another point. If i enable uPnP (v1.03 firmware) i do not see al my media files.
    How can i update it so it does a complete rescan of my hd’s?

  3. from latest 1.03 / 1.04 firmware the UPnP server is self-updating through FTP and SMB. This means instantly it will update the database with new files when you add them.

    It’s possible that certain file(s) with certain extensions are not indexed as they are not added. Like MKV, but I am working on that.

  4. Today i buyed this fantastic device, so no have time for mount yet (work,work and more work), exist any twonkymedia or simillar, resident to Ch3snas, with Lastfm scrobbler?, it´s a strange question? sorry in advance :)

    And regards from Spain!

  5. Hola Fosy, hablo espagnol un poquito so I will write on English. I have not seen any Last.FM plugins for CH3SNAS including the Fun_Plug tool
    With fun_plug you can add features and functions if you know how to do it.

  6. rirad says:

    I am also running the 1.03 firmware but when I copy mp3 files in vista to the CH3SNAS (via drag and drop) the itunes server is not updated. Only a playlist with the old files are sent by the itunes server.

  7. @Conceptronic: Thank you for your fast answer to my Question! I’m amazed of the Speed of your Support!
    I’m looking forward to the new Release.

    By the Way: When i put the “fun_plug” on Volume_1, nothing is happening. But when i put it on Volume_2, it’s working. With 1.02 it was working on Volume_1, is that intended? My Data is always the same on Volume_1, so i don’t think the Volume-Name-Assignement “changes”.

    Thanks again!
    Beste Regards,

  8. It’s intented to run from /hda so if your Volume_2 was inserted into the right later than the Volume_1 which is in the left it needs to be run from Volume_2 as that is the hda

  9. My fun_plug is only working, when it’s on /mnt/HD_b2 but not on /mnt/HD_a2. Perhaps a strange behavior of my CH3SNAS, no reason to worry. Easily fixed :)

  10. bri says:

    Finally got my DVICO tvix 6500A connected over nfs! Works like a charm now. It actually plays 1080p over the network instead of only off of the internal harddisk as samba turned out to be too slow.

    Bummer that it took me many many hours of experimenting only to find out now that nfsv3 wasn’t actually enabled :(

  11. Hi, i connected popcorn to Ch3snas, via smb no problem, so via NFS i need edit file called exports, so not is possible via ftp , says me no have permissions for it,,,,have any idea for have a right permissions for esit these file??

    I am newbie, and google no have idea :)


  12. done, !!!, editing, so no have luck, only view index.htm in media files,,, better continue tomorrow, and sorry for spam thread…

  13. when trying to edit fun_plug stuff on device, you need to be logged on through PUTTY on the shell. Otherwise you are ‘nobody’ where you have to be root

  14. Adam says:

    What FS does the box use? Is it still ext2 or some more sophisticated journaling filesystem? I’m worried about power losses.


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