CFULLHDMA 1.09.04 Firmware [beta]

v01.09.04 [beta testers version]
this version is only interesting for those who want to play with NFS …

1. support NFS (experimental)

Support for NFS shares is added through the iMEDIA menu button
Add a new station: give it a name and enter for the address
for example when using CH3SNAS with NFS you can enter nfs://
when pressing ok you will notice that the ICON is still a blue circle, go out of this menu and go to the main menu or ie. setup menu. Re-enter the iMedia folder and the blue circle is changed into a folder. When entering this folder the actually mount of the NFS share is being executed
and you can access the NFS shares you have created in your exports file.

sidenote: if the icon has changed in a folder through the BGM button you can only edit the title, if you need to change the path, you have to enter a new station. If the icon is still the blue circle you can edit all through the BGM button

this feature is experimental and we are checking how to make it more userfriendly. But hey .. NFS itself is not really userfriendly ;-) its for linux geeks only, no linux box/nas no NFS

2. remove PowerOff warning/error message
3. fix small avi ( ~10M ) segmenataion fault issue from NAS

People who want to beta test can apply with a valid e-mail address in the comments.

12 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA 1.09.04 Firmware [beta]

  1. Mark says:

    This question isn’t related to the cfull but to its no-hd brother c54wmp. I bought a c54wmp a few month ago and i’m happy with it but… is there any possibility that conceptronic change that red background (or the complete skin) in one of the future firmware releases? Seriously… that red is burning my eyes ;). Tnx.

  2. mike says:

    I just bought me a cfullhdma and i dont hear sound when mkv with DTS is being played, AC3 works, all per hdmi
    would also be beta tester

  3. Joost says:

    Ik heb er vandaag ook 1 besteld ter vervanging voor m’n xbmc.
    Ik zou ook graag de beta firmware willen ontvangen.

  4. Ilan says:

    Graag zou ik willen de beta versie ontvangen, ik heb hoor geen dts en ik kan mkv bestanden niet draaien.

  5. CeeZ says:

    Just bought myself a cfullhdma and read all about it. So I would like to receive the beta-release and join the growing test-family. tia

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