Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta firmware 1.09.10

To be released to beta testers later today:

Version 1.09.10

  • fixed: Volume level was / is not saved after turning off the device.
  • fixed: ISO could not be played anymore through SAMBA and USB HDD
  • Fixed: Movies and Subtitles with lots of ‘dots’ in the filename and in the same folder was only displaying the subtitle at first file. Rest of the files could not display the subtitle file.
  • fixed: Solved stream issue: stop playing after the advertisement check with: stream

v1.09.09 internal release, not released.

Note: beta testers have reported issues with some MKV files. They are still under investigation / debugging

5 thoughts on “Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta firmware 1.09.10

  1. Michel says:

    Hoi! Ik zou ook graag de beta firmware testen! / Hi there, I’d like to test the beta firmware!

  2. Timoteo says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I bought one fine CFULLHDMA today :) and i have two issues with drivers (lastest in conceptronic site today)

    1- There is no audio in MKV files with DTS through HDMI (Dolby Digital 5.1 its good).
    2- MKV files in 1080p have million of artefacts.

    There’s a fix for those in beta drivers ? Can i be a beta tester ?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Timoteo,

    when playing DTS you need a DTS receiver to play DTS. Due to licensing and chipset it’s impossible to decode the DTS stream on the device, so it can only be ‘passthrough’ and this means that you need a DTS decoder

    not all MKV’s will have artefacts. It’s a certain part of MKV which can have artefacts. Actually its not the MKV, but it’s the videostream which is causing this. We are already aware of this and we are debugging it now.

    When you decode the MKV with GOTSENT to MP4 (H.264) no problem you will find when playing that.

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