CH3SNAS firmware 1.04RC4

As it was the purpose to have the 1.04RC3 being released officially I’ve decided not to release it through the official channel. I have just received an important bugfix which was finished earlier than expected. So probably early next week this version will be released.

In this release only the following has been fixed:

  • The samba server time setting is not synchronized with FTP server and device web time setting.

This means that in certain conditions you could see time differences when uploading / copying files to the CH3SNAS. Download the 1.04RC4 here

Note: the PS3 issue is still under debugging. Playing a 7GB .ts media file can show the correct size, but it can only be played for 2 hours.

62 thoughts on “CH3SNAS firmware 1.04RC4

  1. Kick says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I just installed the 1.04RC5 forware on the ch3snas.
    In the living room i am using the Conceptronic FULLHDMA storage player to stream movies from the CH3SNAS. When the storage server was on firmware 1.03, everything worked fine. However, after upgrading to 1.04rc5 the FULLHDMA stalls.
    Here are the details:

    I can connect with the FULLHDMA to the CH3SNAS
    I can choose Video – Folders
    However, when gettings the list with movies, the menu of the FULLHDMA freezes and after some seconds the screen goes to black. The only button that is working on the FULLHDMA is the on/off button. There is no response with the other buttons.
    Since i didn’t had this problem, when running 1.03, it has to have to do something with 1.04RC5.



  2. kick, do you use upnp av/ nfs / samba ?
    did you reset the ch3snas to factory defaults?
    I believe that there is indeed a issue when choosing ‘All Videos’ .. but not with Folders ..

  3. Ruisbak says:

    Oh sh*t, today I’ve got the *exact* same problem as PeterJ noted in his post on July 5th, 2008 at 10:16 am.

    Temp reading 0 degrees and after reboot ch3snas stuck in a boot loop.
    (flashing boot LED.)
    Only complete power cycle “solved” the problem.

    Running FW 1.04RC5, ffp0.5, nzbget, nzbgetweb and ntpd.

    Is the root cause of this problem still unknown?

  4. Jeroen Teppema says:

    I’ve seen some topics on this forum describing the same problem I have. My CH3SNAS just stop responding one day. This is offcourse bad as I have all my music and movies stored on it.
    It is stuck in the boot-loop, not responding to anything anymore.

    I’m getting deperate just now so I’m going for drastic measures. but just before this I would like to consult you all. What i’m thingking off is the following.

    Reload the original firmware using the tutorial on this site :
    OK it’s the dlink version but it should work, i guess. As the NAS is bricked anyway, what can go worng ;-)

    I bought a TTL serial (USB) cable, attached the connector and I’m ready to flash back to the firmware of conceptronic.

    Has anybody done this before?

    Next thing is, if this works, the NAS will revert back to default, blank settings. Therefore it will not know the RAID settings of my harddrives. Can I set the raid setting by ‘hand’ (serial interface). I don;t want ot use the wizard as this will destroy all data during the inital format by the wizard.

    Or can I simply reload the settings from a previously saved config file? This should work I guess but…. I don;t have this settings file. Is it possible to use somebody elses settings file? If so, does anybody on this forum ahve his/her NAS setup with two Western Digital Caviar GP 1TB disks in RAID 0 config?
    Will you share your settings file with me?
    Or can somebody tell me how to edit the appropriate files on the NAS so it will recognoze my raid set again?

    I’m hoping anybody will be able to help me.

    Please note; for a working solution, I will have a reward. half a kilo of hand made chocolates.

    jeroen at teppema dot com

  5. I did it Jeroen.
    I provided the 2 devices ;-)
    and I installed native debian on the CH3SNAS. But I was not happy with the usability of it. Cause if someting goes wrong than, it goes very bad wrong
    (do not close your telnet session for example, until you are sure it can be accessed again).
    is a good link to try some things. Depending on how the boot is going could be able to restore the device.

    For restoring you just can use the CH3SNAS firwmare and use the page
    I got my NAS working again after the debian installation
    the best thing for getting your data is too hook up the hdd to a simple Linux installation and restore it later back on the NAS if that one is running fine again

    I even think you can re-use the HDD’s but I am not 100% sure

  6. Jeroen Teppema says:


    Thanks for your reply. Good to hear the bare-bone firmware reload will work (might work). I;m not going to install debian, I just will use the tutorial on how to use the TTL interface.

    You noted that it might be possible to hook up de two disks to a linux machine. Fine for me but (how) will my linux machine recognize the RAID 0 (stripe) set on the two disks? I do know some linux but this is (way) over my head ;-)

    As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with the HDD’s, just the OS of the NAS is screwed and with that the config.

    As I understand, the NAS is just running a sripped down version of linux and via Telnet you are able to access the system files. I think it should be possible to alter the disk config of the linux OS on the NAS but how and in what way……???? :-)


  7. never tried it.
    maybe you can hookup the 2 disks at the same time to ie. Ubuntu and it will auto-detect the config?

    I have no clue how to do it differently.

    As long as you do not re-format, nothing happens. try restore strip raid linux in google and you find some worthful entries

  8. Jeroen Teppema says:

    Now, it took some time but I managed ot get things running using a VMWare linux machine.
    In short, hooked up the disks to my Vista Machine. Added them to the linux VMWare setup and used MDADM in linux to read the disks that were created by the CH3SNAS using RAIDSTART/RAIDTAB etc.

    bit out of time tonight but I will post the method. Perhaps it is usefull for somebody else as well.

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