I am searching ….

A not so expensive MP3 player with the ability to play FLAC files ..  100 ~ 150 Euro max

if you do not know what flac is do not bother to reply ;-)


4 thoughts on “I am searching ….

  1. Stefan says:

    you might try one of the Sandisk Sansa line – they are really fine, and customizable via Rockbox. AFAIK they are not supporting OGG and FLAC yet, but there is a press release about an upcoming firmware release with these features included (at least for Sansa Clip and Sansa Fuse). And the rockbox software does play FLAC already :-)

    BR Stefan.

  2. Hans says:

    I agree with Uwe: get a Cowon Iaudio 7. Superior soundquality and because it has flash-memory and no harddisk, the battery-life is endless, like 60 hours or so. You should be able to pick up a 16Gb Iaudio 7 for 150 euros.

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