CFULLHDMA: Release Candidate: Firmware

After getting valueable feedback from beta testers using e-mail and the bugtraq system I’m about to release a new firmware version (Release Candidate).
We do release this firmware with Kernel 2.4 so that’s why you will see 1.09.32 as firmware version
Kernel 2.4 firmware images will be released in the 1.09.xx. range and Kernel 2.6 firmware images in the range 1.10.xx 

Firmware versions in the 1.10.xx range will not be released to the public yet. 

It is the intention to release this version ( as internet upgrade and as downloadable firmware file from the official website before the end of this week.

New Beta firmware Release (Release Candidate)

  • fixed: issue where watchdog could not operate
  • fixed: ogg music playback (fast backword to the begin of music file)
  • fixed: zoom minimum size is zero
  • fixed: Some playlists were not played well
  • fixed: In certain conditions MKV file could stutter
  • fixed: IMedia could crash
  • fixed: zoom button keeps in screen (press zoom, adjust screen and after few seconds icon disappears)
  • fixed: DVD cannot display subtitle when there is only one subtitle track (no menu)
  • Improved: Recognize playlist by it’s extension (treat as a folder)
  • Improved: iMedia music stream robustness
  • add new feature: flac support: (note: some FLAC files could give issues: which is under investigation)
  • add new feature: increase zoom rate
  • add new feature: when playing music enable also the screensaver
  • add new feature: support external subtitles for ts, mov, mp4 and wmv, m2ts
  • add new feature: support IGMP for UDP streams
  • add new feature: Save Samba Username & Password
  • add new feature: seek by time. Press 0 to enter 00:00 [hh:mm], if you want to jump to 50 minutes you enter: 0->0->5->0 at the screen you will see: GOTO 0_:__ [hh:mm]” when ‘0’ is pressed (not for DVD playback)

This upgrade is available now. Use the Internet Update function in the setup menu to update to People using beta 1.10.xx.xx should upgrade manually by USB. The update file will be available through the official website tomorrow 15/08/08

7 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: Release Candidate: Firmware

  1. mortai says:

    you are the best! … start testing today… that´s what i call a great support!!! keep up the great work and have a good trip!!!

  2. mortai says:

    …i only get version when i try to download the above firmware… tried it twice and the cfullhdma shows version after the upgrade… looks like a slight mixup with the files on the http://ftp...

  3. Michel says:

    Ik kan er haast niet op wachten. Bedankt !
    Kan ik me hier ook meteen melden voor Beta versies?


  4. Antonio says:

    Hello, I love your work. And I would very much like to be able to try betatester, if you think well.


  5. stekkie says:

    ik heb sinds gisteren ook zo’n geweldige mediaspeler gekocht. Nu probeer ik van de conceptronic site de nieuwste firmware te downloaden, maar wat ik ook probeer ie slaat compleet vast. Ook geprobeerd om oudere firmware te downloaden, gebeurd precies hetzelfde. Hoe kom ik nu aan de nieuwste firmware?

  6. alex says:


    vorige week de cfullhdma gekocht, en gelijk een update gedaan naar de nieuwste versie, echter internet streams werkten niet, en bij dvd’d een hik-up tussen de hoofdstukken, aan het einde van een hoofdstuk mis je dan een x seconden, en springt hij door naar het volgende hoofdstuk.
    Ik heb even rondgekeken, en een downgrade gemaakt, nu zijn bovenstaande problemen weg

  7. Is het ook mogelijk om het apparaat in de workgroup op te nemen zodat een evt harde schijf die aan het apparaat hangt te benaderen is via de computer

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