CH3SNAS: 1.04RC6 firmware release

New updated firmware for CH3SNAS 1.04RC6

2 fixes in this release:

Set the time by using NTP or from Computer, but when restart the device the time is set back an hour.
Settings uses:
NTP Server:
Time Zone: GMT +01:00
Daylight Saving Time: EU
Issue fixed

When using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 than we can create a new user, all is ok
but when modifying this user (new password) than: no username is shown which one is being edited,
when you manually enter a username the page will time-out (blank page)
Issue fixed

download here the 1.04 rc6 firmware
as always: this is a release candidate which can contain wierd things (like some things mentioned in the comments). Make sure when upgrading you have a backup!

42 thoughts on “CH3SNAS: 1.04RC6 firmware release

  1. Jasper says:

    How about the issue with the clockdrift which occurs? Is the time frequently updated via the ntp server? Or just when booting the device.

  2. Jasper says:

    I will, but you should be able to tell how often the time is updated. In many devices you can specify the interval, once per day, or hour and so on.

  3. bas says:

    Something is not right, the package is called 1.03v6 instead of 1.04rc6. And the firmware in the zip is from 21 jan 2008. So did you post the wrong version?

  4. pjotr says:

    thx for this new fw-release!

    i suppose its not an error of this current fw-release, but do you have a clue why now (after fw-upgrade and install of a second hdd) all special characters in filenames like the german “umlaute” “äöü” are replaced by symbols like “_” or “³”? this happens in ftp, telnet and samba. but displays correclty in putty. so obv. it has something to do with this utf8 or cp850 thing. but where to change that? :)


  5. George says:

    I just installed the CH3SNAS: 1.04RC6 firmware. After a shutdown and restart I get the following message:
    “The hard drives have been installed incorrectly. Please power off and swap hard drive locations.”

    There is no way I can get back into the configuration-site.

    Can anyone help me with this, please?

  6. tec says:

    I installed the new RC6, installing no problem at all. Only the date of the firmware stays at: 07/21/2008, so despite of a successful upgrade no confirmation of a success.

  7. pjotr says:

    tec: u might have to disable funplug first by e.g. renaming it and rebooting, then flash fw again, then reenable funplug.


  8. tec says:

    1. rename the fun_plug to disable it
    2. upgrade to RC6
    3. reset to default

    Everything looks fine! Thanks for the information. I’ll test the firmware in the next couple of days.

  9. George says:


    I did the following:
    1) Install latest firmware
    2) Restart
    3) Restore to factory defaults (from within the conf-site)
    At this time there were no issues.
    4) I did a shutdown
    5) I remembered that I wanted to restore my configuration; so I started the CH3SNAS
    6) I got the error mentioned above
    7) I knew it was a cosmetical error, because I could access the CH3SNAS (it’s filesystem), but not the conf-site

    It’s solved now: I did a restore at the back of the CH3SNAS and now I can enter the conf-site

  10. Peter S says:

    I don’t get it.
    I configured the UPnP/AV server so that it indexes only my /Video folder. But after installing the new RC6 firmware it started indexing from the root folder after each restart. So I went back to RC5 which had worked perfectly until then. But that doesn’t solve the problem.
    So the big question is: why does the UPnP/AV folder setting no longer stick? All other setting do.
    I’m not using funplug and I followed the standard update procedures (factory defaults etc.)

  11. Peter S says:

    Problem solved, although I don’t know exactly how.
    I switched off the iTunes server, changed the folder setting of the UPnP/AV server and did a shutdown. After a restart, the folder setting had not changed back to root as it did before.

    I will do some tests tomorrow to figure out what happened.

  12. HSishi says:

    I updated from 1.04RC5 to RC6 and did NOT have any problems after Reboot. FunPlug loaded as before and the mentioned bugs (time setting, FTP password managing with FF 3.x) disappeared. Good work :).

    Just being curious, are there plans to implement new features or will future FW releases just be bugfixes?

  13. Jan says:


    I don’t know if this is the right place for requests, so forgive me if it’s not.
    Is it possible to raise the max URL length (currently 120 characters) for downloading from the CH3SNAS to something like 200?


  14. Jan says:


    Bedankt voor je snelle reactie.
    Ik zal het maar in het Nederlands vragen ;-)

    Als je naar “Schedule Downloads” gaat op de startpagina van de NAS (, dan heb je een veld “URL”. Als de lengte van de ingevoerde URL groter is dan 120 tekens, krijg je een foutmelding : “URL length should be 1-120.”
    Mijn nieuwsprovider heeft een webinterface en ook een autounrar-service, zodat je grote files rechtstreeks via HTTP kan downloaden. De lengte van die URL’s is echter meestal langer dan 120 tekens.
    Is het mogelijk om de beperking van 120 tekens op dat veld op te heffen?
    Dan kan ik mijn grote downloads via de NAS laten lopen, zonder het gedoe van nzbget oid.

    Alvast bedankt,

  15. Jasper says:

    I installed rc6, did a reset but when i enter:

    NTP Server:
    Time Zone: GMT +01:00
    Daylight Saving Time: EU

    and select ‘set time’ next to the ntp server or timezone box i get a time which is still one hour ahead.
    No funplug active.

  16. Peter S says:

    @ Jasper:

    I noticed the same thing. But when you reconfirm the timezone/daylight saving setting at the bottom of the same page, the extra hour will be subtracted.

    But I don’t think this is the way it should work. Setting the time from a NTP server should take into account the setting of daylight saving.

  17. I’ve not full info about it but following does apply

    when you use with GMT setting and NO Daylight Saving time (DST)the time will be ie. 11.00 AM (this is what the time server is giving to you)

    This will be 1 hour behind with UK as you are using DST right now. So setting EU for DST will add 1 hour to the GMT setting which gives the correct UK time

    When you are in Western Europe you need GMT+1 so you can select GMT+1 and the time will be 13.00 which is ok

    I agree with the fact that when you have GMT+1 and EU selected before and than set time with the timeserver it’s wierd that its 1 hour ahead

    Let me check if that’s somewhere an scripting issue

  18. HSishi says:

    If you don’t live in the NL try to use a timeserver in your country so the server’s time will always have the correct time (maybe without DST correction).

    I’m from Germany. I use our government’s timeserver and my CH3SNAS works fine with “Timezone = GMT +1 (Amsterdam, Berlin …)” and “DST = EU”.

    There’s still the question open how often the time sync happens (drift issue).


  19. bas says:

    What is the function of /usr/sbin/prescan? Is it part of the itunes and upnp av server? Because it is scanning like a mofo. :)

  20. Nasp says:

    hell, the FTP server in old firmwares is better…. why?

    I use 1.04RC5, FTP is limit to 2000 files/folder and the worst, multiple folders for a user dont work!!!

    One user have only one folder in ftp server ( can not create two forders PUB / UPLOADS… for exemple… ) this problem force me to use old firmwares…

  21. GF says:


    I’m having a big problem. I’ve flash firmware 1.00 and after reboot the CH3SNAS asked to reformat my drives that were formated in JBOD mode and loaded with my stuff. I declined and flashed back version 1.04RC6.

    Now I can’t get access to left drive content (I managed to access the content of the right bay drive). I’ve install IFS Drives to read the drives content. IFS showed me 3 partitions. IFS was in read only mode so it didn’t change anything.

    Help I much appreciated (and needed).


  22. GF,

    we never released a firmware 1.00
    firmware 1.02 is the one from Mass Production

    Sorry no help from me I have no idea how to solve it

  23. GF says:

    Hello Dennis,

    Are you sure?

    You can find a link stating to be CH3SNAS Initial Firmware 1.00 with the following description:

    Release Note of Other CH3SNAS_FW_v1.00.exe

    File : CH3SNAS_FW_v1.00.exe
    File length : 7.07 MB
    version : 1.00
    date : 05-06-2007


    CH3SNAS Initial Firmware.


    Still needing help, though…


  24. nurunet says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I’m running a CH3SNAS with ffp 0.5. Nice piece of hardware. Anyway, when trying to set up smartd to send me a warning mail in case one of the HDD does not pass a S.M.A.R.T. check, I fail. Totally. I guess you can’t help me with telling me how to send mails with the CH3SNAS. But this would be a feature request: Integrate smartd into the firmware and make it an option in the front end to S.M.A.R.T. check periodically and send a mail in case of errors.

    Would make the box as perfect as I could imagine.


  25. Julian says:

    I just installed this firmware on a new CH3SNAS, after I was unable to format my harddisks (2x Seagate Barracuda 1TB) with the original firmware.
    Now after the update it still freezes at 94% of the format process…
    Is there any way to work around this issue?
    I slowly loose the patience waiting 30 minutes every time just to see a freeze at 94%…


  26. – use firefox
    – set time-out to 999
    – make sure there are NO partittions or anything else on a HDD.
    – try first 1 HDD than 2nd HDD than do both HDD’s ..

    if upgraded please reset to factory defaults, than format

  27. Julian says:

    Where should I set the timeout?
    Is it possible to format the discs with ext2 in a pc so that ch3snas wouldn’t have to format it? – or can it only use it’s own formatted discs?

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