Pre-Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta release 1.09.54

New beta release firmware will be released soon with this changelog:


  1. Fixed: iMedia page could not be accessed on Vista
  2. Fixed:  Some AVI file could not be played due to not supported audio stream
  3. Added: Show total subtitle and total audio track number
  4. Fixed: No sound when switching from DTS to AC3in DVD sometimes
  5. Fixed: Sometimes a video could freeze
  6. Fixed: MKV Video with OGGvorbis Audio not sync
  7. Fixed: [BGM] hotkey did not work on AVI file
  8. Added: Support MKV VC1 video
  9. Fixed/Added: Give a work-around to get IP number when failed

beta testers will be informed about this beta release when it’s available.

Update: the support for MKV VC-1 video did not make it in this firmware release unfortunately.



5 thoughts on “Pre-Announcement: CFULLHDMA beta release 1.09.54

  1. harrytasker says:

    Will try if my casio camera movies run fine now and dont crash the CFULLHDMA at the end of playing!
    Any news on a final release date of the CH3SNAS firmware?
    Thanks :)

  2. harry says:

    I just tried again but the CFULLHDMA still crashes after playing a video from the camera.
    The files play fine (although without sound). When i want to play a .mkv afterwards it give a 301 error and the icons go corrupt.
    I already put a bug report in under id. 97 , but it still says waiting for customer although i already uploaded a sample.
    Will try some more things this weekend and hunt for some bugs…grinnn
    Anyway thnx for the new update again!

  3. Harry,

    We have many outstanding issues and some issues are less important to be solved directly than another issue .

    it’s being worked on but can take time

  4. David says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Great new firmware. I can finally play the .avi files from my Canon powershot camera (this is the first time) so that’s a big improvement ! One feature-request: would it be possible to be able to rotate a movie-file just like you can rotate a photo ? most of my movies are shot with the camera turned 90 degrees, so it would be great if i could just press the “zoom” button several times to get the rotation-function just like with still images. Ofcourse i should edit my movies on my pc first and fix it, but sometimes i’m just lazy ;-) so this would be a nice feature.

    I see that the issue with the aspect ratio (16:9 / 4:3) is still there, so i can only view my photo’s with black bars all around them, but i imagine you haven’t yet come around to that. So i’ll be patiently awaiting the next update… ;-)

    Thanx for the good work!

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