CFULLHDMA: Beta firmware 1.11.13 release

Betaversion: 1.11.13

  • New: smbf replaced for CIFS. Better support for Samba Shares under Kernel 2.6.
  • note: samba shares with usernames are NOT yet supported (error 407)
  • New: Support for Conceptronic CHD3NET Landisk.
  • New: Support for FLAC 8,16,24 bit format.
  • New: UDP support for Multicast Streams in IMedia
  • Fixed: some iMedia content cannot play.
  • Fixed: TS files which have more than one PMT could not be played.
  • Fixed: iMedia loading icon issues.

Main focus for this release was to give better support for Samba Shares. Beta testers will be informed today. Note: new download location for firmware will be used to save bandwidth for this site.

Please discuss this firmware in the forum and use the trac system for your beta test info. All beta testers who applied on the cfullhdma page will be notified.

3 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: Beta firmware 1.11.13 release

  1. Ronald says:

    Hello Dennis,

    I registered as beta test user. Can you please send me the laters firmware or tell me where to find this one?

    Kind regards,


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