Leaving Servage Hosting

After more than 1 year running some of my sites on Servage websites I will stop using them very very soon.

What is the main reason why they suck?

Their support is usesless: issues are not addressed and are kicked back at you telling that your scripts are not ok.

In the last 2 months I have noticed many index.html, index.php files modified with malcious scripts. I noted that a new FTP account suddenly was created and that Hackers from Russia/Ukrain were accessing it.

It took me lot of effort to fix all the files.

My scripts are save, My sites are save. But as they get too easily access to my root I cannot do anything about it. The only thing to solve this issue: leaving servage!

So I am seeking a new simple payable hoster for a lot of files & adult stuff .. Bandwidth must not be a problem, Mysql must be present and unlimited (servage has hidden limitations they do not tell you when you subscribe)

@ servage: not more than 350.000 hits a day can be made. With a normal website this means only about 4000 visitors can access your site than the hits are gone. Mysql: per hour only x sql queries may be made. And if you thought there is no limitation for GB’s per day; yes they have also limitation of around 160GB data a day.

So hidden limitations, hackers can do freely what they want cause logging is bad @ servage and they stick their heads in the sand when customers complain.

Servage; if you want to keep your business you have to do something about it !

5 thoughts on “Leaving Servage Hosting

  1. Jeroen de Jong says:

    Had the same problems with servage. A couple of friends also had their websites running on Servage and after informing them I understand they all were hacked. And Servage blamed all of us using unsecure scripts.

    I left Servage immediately; I’m now hosting my sites on Bluehost.

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