TJBCNYRBV: CFULLHDMA 1.15.01 beta firmware

The Just Before Chinese New Year Released Beta Version


changed: adding [ ] around items in list screen to give better view
Added: NTPClient server (for use with CFULLHDMAi)
Fixed: AC3 audio hickup passthrough
Fixed: Screen Saver issue (due to NTP)
Fixed: Ogg 6 channel issue
Fixed: DVD subtitle looping issue
Fixed: hang issue when connecting USB HDD.
Fixed:HDMI auto-sync caused there is no sound in HDMI when playing some files

Beta firmware only available for Beta-Testers

16 thoughts on “TJBCNYRBV: CFULLHDMA 1.15.01 beta firmware

  1. Lambo says:

    Dennis, I’ve just subscribed as beta tester but I didn’t receive the link where to download beta firmware. Where should I find it?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. only when there is a new beta new subscribers will be get information about the new beta.

    i will not release the beta to new subscribers when they subscribe.

  3. Danny says:

    Hi. Heb me eergisteren (of iets eerder nog) aangemeld en zou heel graag de beta software downloaden. Krijg ik een link ?? Ciao!

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