RFH (Request For HELP): UNPAK2 script for NZBget

I’ve managed to modify the updated unpak script from ydroll for the CH3SNAS with NZBGET. This one is much bigger and much worse to have it correctly implemented in the CH3SNAS (especially as there is a ‘catalog’ file included, which is different scripted and has less ‘hard-coded’ pathnames in it.

I’m not a script-kiddie, so Request for Help: the script in my folder is for experts only: you need to know what you are doing. I think the script is working for 95% and 5% gives probably issue on the catalog part. So if someone is able to modify the script / idea of ydroll so that many users of the Ch3SNAS can use it: help is appreciated on the UNPAK1 (the standard version I also use) and UNPAK2 script.

Looking forward to modified scrips .. ;-)

2 thoughts on “RFH (Request For HELP): UNPAK2 script for NZBget

  1. Hi Dennis

    Do you know a script like unpak but to search and put subtitles in a folder it a movie!!!
    Let me know, if you know something.


  2. Sorry, not really understand what you need.

    the unpak script is not mine and what it does now is serving my needs. I’m not able to script .. sorry !

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