CFULLHDMA: 1.15.08 Beta Firmware

New beta firmware, where we improved a lot on TS level and audio. Some settings were causing stability issues (Auto EDID) and are under review
Version 1.15.08

  • Fixed: TS file cannot resume
  • Fixed: TS file cannot do A-B mode
  • Fixed: TS/VC1 does not play file
  • Fixed: time bar freezed on some files
  • Fixed: MKV did not play when having 2 DTS and Vorbis track
  • Fixed:  audio hickup issue with AC3 pass through SPDIF when Digital Audio Output set to “SPDIF/RAW” 
  • Fixed: some avi files could crash system
  • Fixed: M3U issue with extra VLC tag EXTVLCOPT entry
  • Improved: TS file loading time
  • Added: ENTER button to navigate in setup options 

It could be that EDID in combination with Auto-Sync is working but that is under analyze.

3 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: 1.15.08 Beta Firmware

  1. Kahuna says:

    I have a problem playing .mkv 1080p files, after about 15 minutos of playing the image gets black for a second, and keeps playing, but then intermitently the image gets black again and again. I have tested latest stable 1.13 and latest beta with the same results. Using HDMI and SAMBA.


  2. RvE says:

    Sorry, i’ve massive problems with audio over SPDIF interface. All kinds of audio, mp3, interstreaming, PCM, AC3, DTS no sound on SPDIF interface. Sometimes you hear some sound, for approx. 1-2 secs. The indicator on my receiver is flashing between ‘no indication’, PCM and AC3 (2.0 or 3/2.1)
    After checking cables, factory default, power off/on i’ve reinstalled version 1.13, no sound problem anymore. It seems to be a problem in 1.15.08

  3. Very wierd, RvE, we did not get any message yet it is not working ok in 1.15.08
    it should be even better, that nothing is working for you seems something else
    Check on forum if more people have this issue.

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