CFULLHDMA: internet release 1.15.15

just released the 1.15.15 for CFULLHDMA & CFULLHDMAi

no real differences between 1.15.11 so therefore I thought it was good opportunity to give non-beta testers an update as well. Yes, there are known issues, but you always can downgrade the firmware again if you do not like the changes.

6 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: internet release 1.15.15

  1. things which do not apply for you as user, but only for me as developer ;-) a . or , and a rebuild is already a new versoin ;-)

  2. blackbit says:

    This update is definitely an improvement. Installation went smooth, and some annoying problems are gone. Thanks!

  3. Al says:

    just upgraded from 1.12.04.xx to this newer version. Result is that my NFS shares are no longer working. I didn’t have any problems before however I read that some earlier beta’s resulted in similar problems (losing access to NFS shares). Maybe worthwhile to investigate if other NFS users have similar problems and what the cause is for these problems. Will go back to 1.12.04.xx

  4. Al says:

    Found out that switching off/on the CFULLHDMA, router and (soft) reboot of the PC (where NFS shares reside) is not sufficient. The trick that solved the problem was to power off/on PC as well…

    Not sure why powering off/on PC is needed (as NFS shares were still visible to other PC’s in the network except to the CFULLHDMA). Anyway, it solved my problem within minutes and the CFULLHDMA is now working smoothly again using the new firmware…

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