7 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: 1.16.04 beta firmware release

  1. Just upgraded my cfullhdma with this beta version, and youtube instantly worked.
    Some streams cannot be played, but I guess this is because of the cfullhdma is not able to play swf movies

    But i love it already, thanks!

  2. Guy Weyns says:

    Sonos problems are solved. But some movies (video_ts) that played well with the earlier firmware, don’t play with this new firmware.

  3. blackbit says:

    Finally, m4v support! Tested it, and it works great! I do have problems with the device restarting randomly when using nfs though. Samba works fine.

  4. bezalon says:


    i just did the upgrade to firm 1.16 yesterday:
    1. The youtube section doenst have a search function, unlike other media players. So what’s the fun about watching youtube videos anyway, if you can’t choose what you wanna watch?
    2. I could add some through the Concepronics media application. i havent been able to watch a single one of them.
    3. While I was watching a film, suddenly the audio started to becaome bad, then worse, until i couldnt hear anything. First i thought it might me the media I was playing (VOB Stream), but I checked other videos formats, that worked before. Nothing!
    I reseted all the values again everything and finnaly didhe upgrade of the firmware again. But still nothing. Then I turned off the digital audio output and the audio was perfect again. But through the TV speakers, not through the 5.1 DS receiver.
    i can hear media from other sources perfectly, so I got to the conclusion, that it was the firmeware upgrade.
    I know, the guys from conceptronics will fix it,they always do, but until then, i’m getting back to the previous version.

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