CFULLHDMA: 1.16.05

Because the function is kewl:

Fix Shoutcast issue (error 301 solved)
Improve the performance for Youtube
New: Support DTS/AC3/WMA/AAC S/PDIF setting in the Setup menu (S/PDIF RAW or PCM)

Music (OGG/FLAC Audio) is selected automatically for PCM

Released to beta-testers

Update: I got some good feedback today where some beta testers report that they cannot alter any setting in the Audio Menu and have as a result of this no output to their amplifier anymore. This kind of feedback is very very welcome !

Update 2: it’s confirmed that in some circumstances the audio options are greyed out. This is fixed in a next firmware release. A workaround for now is to reset the device to factory defaults.

One thought on “CFULLHDMA: 1.16.05

  1. quattro says:

    I too had this issues (unable to change the SPDIF setting because it was grey).

    I was however able to help myself by resetting the device to its defaults after that everything worked ok.

    This is definitly the release I was long waiting for! :)

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