CFULLHDMA: Beta Release 1.17.03


Released to Beta Testers today (Friday).

1. New: Adding some extra IR codes for some special functions, especially when using Logitec remotes usefull

  • Rotate 0x68
  • Page Up 0x69
  • Page Down 0x6A
  • Fast Forward 0x6D
  • Rewind 0x6C
  • BT 0x63

2. Fixed: Entering a Vista Samba share with

10 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA: Beta Release 1.17.03

  1. dlfsr says:

    first impression iz OK for streaming my mkv 1080p’s, in any case a big improvement
    for FF an reverse playback,
    BUT my DVD files are getting errorcode 401 (timed out)with the first try and after that only 301 (is not supported) appears .
    this has bin the case after firmware 1.13.02.
    can anybody tell me why iz that??

  2. sidglide says:

    Hi Dennis

    We tried out the lastest beta firmware 1.17.03 but had a problem with low volume and had to revert back to 1.13* series which seems to be the only one with acceptable volume levels for me.

    I hope the volume will be fixed soon since the other features of 1.17* series would really be great to have!

    Best Regards

  3. the volume in 1.17.03 has been adjusted in some circumstances, however it should be in such a way that it will not overboost the sound. the 16 level which was ‘common’ before is now 32 on the device, the rest you have to adjust on your TV or amplifier

  4. dlfsr

    if you use the DMS software rather than NFS or Samba, I have uploaded the new version 1.05.12 also in the beta download section

  5. quattro says:

    whats the difference between the existing FF and REW buttons on the remote (i.e. the left and right keys) and the new codes?

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