Right now we are working on 3 main ‘bug’ fixes and some new features.  The new feature(s) I cannot reveal yet, but the 3 main bugfixes are (in random order)

  • – DTS issue (dropouts when playing DTS on some DTS amplifiers
  • – 1080p 24fps jidder / stutter including abnormal menu behaviour
  • – Reboot/Crash on HDMI with CFULLHDMA when using Sitecom/Linksys Gigabit router (Composite is ok)

Right now only 2nd issue is confirmed and found.

Enjoy your weekend. New beta firmware is expected soon, but not this week or next week probably. Comments to give extra information about above issues can be given here. Or surf to the Bug pages or Forum

5 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA(i) News

  1. Dirk says:

    …about the dts issue, i have these dropout with every blue ray mkv rip with 1536 bit dts track… mostly at random points in the movie and not reproducable at the same part. so if your team watches a whole movie it should get at least a few drop outs… still i believe the problem is with the high bitrate as normal dts give no problems at all.

    secondly i´m looking forward to the fixed 24p problem…

    having a linksys wrt610n router i never noticed any problems with the cfullhdma at all…

    looking forward to heare from you soon…

  2. Carlos says:

    Finally the 24P issues are going to be resolved… I was already thinking about buying the Popcorn hour C200. Now I rather wait or skip it altogether….

    Hopefully this will be fixed in the next week or so….

  3. Carlos says:

    I agree with that… it’s just that I have been looking forward for the improvement in 24p support for quite some time now. I’m happy it’s coming though, can’t wait!


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