Yuixx Info: Some images revealed

After some time not posting information about the Yuixx I can share some images today. Engineering sample images, not more not less …… no strings attached.

As written before in an article on MPCCLCUB,

A major change we had to do is changing the implementation of the GUI. YuiXX wil be a mix of the “perfect” media player combining Internet and TV based on the Yahoo-Intel widget channel. Within the “YuiXX Gallery” we will have multiple content services like streaming TV channels via IPTV, Video on Demand services etc.. We are open for companies wanting to be on our platform and make themselves visible on TV in the livingroom instead of Internet on a PC only. People can get an SDK to develop it and we can give access into our gallery when we think it’s an aded value on the box.

Content owners like movies companies are alergic for transparent filters over their movies, so we had to make a difficult choice on changing our GUI and to step away for the transparent look; forget the content companies or come up with a different solution. We have chosen for the last one (our core mindset is still trying to make a simple, user friendly player for the mass market and adding these content services is added value from our opinion). So we are building our complete YuiXX media player as we wanted to have it, but as an Widget application. You can manage all you own content in the network (via Samba, NFS and UPnP) or stored on the YuiXX, from this Widget. This means we are presenting a complete new way of using a media player and on usibility it’s also great!

I expect people have some questions …. shoot .. I will not answer them all, but what I can I will do. Do not be worried about Codec support: that will be handled. Keep your eye on this site and yuixx.com

26 thoughts on “Yuixx Info: Some images revealed

  1. Danny says:

    Looking good!

    I have a question.
    I’ve read somewhere that ziggo support will come first quarter 2010.
    If i buy the yuixx before that time, can i still use it for ziggo after support is officially announced (software update) or will the hardware change?


  2. for cable providers you need different tuner, without proper tuner and smartcard it will not work. So you need official news about a ‘deal’ with a provider to be sure it can be supported with the hardware you have. As far as I know there is no deal announced yet. So I cannot comment on which provider will or will not be supported eventually.

  3. Roman says:

    Is there an estimate to the date it will be released? It seems that the programming has come quite far and I guess that there are plans when the unit will be available to consumers.

  4. Jeroen says:

    It looks good Dennis.

    I got a question about the box, will it get “Dreambox” like features like cardsharing.

  5. Jeroen, ask yourself if someting is legal yes or no, or is made available through specific ‘hacks’ …

    if you read the word ‘hack’ it’s not something we will do or support

  6. Pascal says:

    Is there a web browser implemented in the yuixx and will it support an external keyboard ?
    And what about e-mail, msn etc.

  7. Brutus says:

    Wow… Where to pre-order? :-)

    To make Steve really impressed, could the YUIXX connect to an iTunes NAS Storage?

    So.. when can we pick it up somewhere in Amersfoort ? ;-) LOL

  8. Robert says:

    The YUIXX is what I am waiting for the last 2 years.

    I’m using Digitenne right now, when you state dvb-t is implementable, does that suggest only free-to air channels will be availble? In other words: is there a same deal required with KPN as you told there is required with ziggo?

    My final question is: will the harddrive in the YUIXX be availble as a networkdrive (so I can also get rid of my old NAS?)

    Thnx for all your info so far!

  9. Donat says:

    Hey Dennis,

    Someone asked before the question, i know there wil be a browser (i tought firefox) with flash support. Is there a possibility that users can use a bluetooth keyboard like logitech dinovo mini ? They would be the ultimate match for eachother !!

    Thanks in advance for the response..


  10. specifications are subject to change without notice. So Donat I cannot tell you yet if a browser would be available yes or no.

    Main basis would be ‘Widgets’ as the images is showing you.

    The question would be: why would you use a browser on Yuixx rather than a notebook.

    FTA channels for sure, when using a provider like Digitenne or any DVB-T provider: that is a deal you have to make due to license, smartcards etc. So yes, it can be possible as there is room and space for a smartcard but nothing about ‘deals’ have been announced. That will be going through official channels.

  11. Donat says:

    Hey Dennis,

    Ok i understand. In my opinion it would be a huge missed chanse and waste of potential if the yuixx would not have a browser on board… Widgets are great but not everyone is using flickr for instance,etc..

    I think a browser would be great.. you’re hanging around with friends in the living room, you want to quickly (fast wake up time yuixx advantage) see wich movies are playing in the local cinema, or you have a discussion with friends and you want to quickly google something.. a quick check of you’re e-mail account on line is another example that would be much used browser-wise…

    It’s just my 2 cents but i think that the yuixx should really separate itself from other existing en future media players by – great codec support media player, tv (dvb) capable, ok fun widgets, key element full browser.

    Otherwise i think you will miss the htpc user group as potential cliënts.

    Best regards,

  12. daskino says:

    Hey Dennis, thx for the pic’s of the UI, It looks very similar to the one Intel/Yahoo presented back at IDF in 2008 and at CES 09. What can we expect will be different on the Yuixx, Are you just taking the app midddleware from intel yahoo and puttting in your box or will the Yuixx player also be able to work with ie DVD and BLu-ray menus of thier ISO files? Will it be able to support subtitle for AV, xvid and MKV files?

  13. Perry says:


    A question about dvb-c implementation.
    How will this be supported, hardware wise i mean.
    If i buy the standard device, the cheapest version i mean,
    is there a way to apply a tuner/smart card reader like solution
    later on.

  14. freaky says:

    Hi there,

    I’m looking to buy a NMT and also came accross this player. It certainly looks promising. I also looked at the pch-C200 but this device is offering more for the same money. My biggest question is if the announced webbrowser will be implemented and if i can use it to watch streaming video from sites like uitzendinggemist and SBS6 gemist. For the last one you will need microsoft silverlight plugin. Currently i attach a notebook to my TV to do this but if i could do the same thing with this device i will order it today…

  15. Pica says:


    Looks like the ultimate machine for me.
    Have been waiting with buying a mediaplayer till this one will hit the market.

    One question though.
    Will it support IPTV from for instance concepts ICT or SOLCON. Since both providers don’t need a smartcard is there still need for a deal with those providers.

    Apart from the deal. Both providers make IPTV available through another connection then the standard internet connection. So as far as I can see it the device should have 2 ethernet connection then. 1 for internet 1 for IPTV.

    Just curious if it will support these providers and if so how

  16. Pica
    IPTV needs support from the provider, so it means that the people from Solcon/Concepts ICT need to talk with us to have it supported.
    the device hardware is not the limitation it can do it.

  17. Pruduch says:

    Hi there,
    Yuixx will be released for sale next month, so are there news about an integrated web browser?
    I just need to know if it’ll be possible to enter a link to a free live IPTV stream like on [http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/ct24-zive/]
    to watch the content on my TV.
    Webbrowsing would also be cool but not that important as watching free live IPTV streams. I am looking for this feature for years – since I found a media player called HELIOS X5000, but it was still half-backed so I hope Yuixx will offer this option for free IPTV streams.
    I don’t agree that IPTV needs support from the provider: if the Yuixx has a browser and can handle the stream like a Windows-Media-Player then I only need to save a bookmark…
    I don’t expect Yuixx to work with Zattoo – in this case I agree with Dennis as there has to be a support or contract between Zattoo and Conceptronic.

  18. right now some important plugins for the webbrowser are not ready. This means that users could have issues when trying to access certain websites. This we want to prevent. So this means that we do have a browser available, but limited in functionality, so we will not add it from the start, but offer it later when the plugins do work ok.

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