Tip: CFULLHDMA(i) & USB WLAN Dongles

If you use 1.17.22 as firmware version for your CFULLHDMA(i) and you want to use a WLAN USB dongle to connect your CFULLHDMA(i) wireless to your network: only a Conceptronic C300RU can work

But if you use 1.17.43 (latest firmware release) more USB Dongles are supported. Also the new C150RU Conceptronic dongle is supported, but ….. you can also use other brands as well. As long as the dongle is based on the Ralink chipset for 802.11n it can work. No guarantees though ;-)

2 thoughts on “Tip: CFULLHDMA(i) & USB WLAN Dongles

  1. Niek says:

    Hallo Dennis,

    Kijk, dit is nu een van de redenen waarom ik zo ontzettend blij ben dat ik bijna 2 jaar geleden de cfullhdma heb gekocht. Blijf doorgaan met de ontwikkeling en het toevoegen van nieuwe features !


  2. Jeroen de Jong says:

    Just ran into Paradigit. I bought a Sitecom 300N X2 (WL-344) because they told me it had a Ralink chipset. However it doesn’t work. I think they searched “Sitecom 300N Ralink” on google and I reports it has a Ralink chipset, however non of these devices had the productcode WL-334.

    I’ll go back to Paradigit tomorrow to return it. I was clever enough not to rip the Sitecom stickers of :)
    Try to get a Conceptronic at MyCom which is next door of Paradigit.

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