CFULLHDMA(i) Beta: v01.18.06

To be released as beta next week:


  • Fixed: duration issue on ts files
  • Fixed: some ts files cannot play
  • Fixed: LPCM crash issue
  • Fixed: not able to stop when playing picture in slideshow mode
  • Fixed: some JPEG could crash
  • Fixed: MPEG1 Karaoke files could stutter
  • Fixed: 1080p24 flicking issue
  • Fixed: not to see embedded picture for mp3 files
  • Fixed: TrueHD audio
  • Fixed: HDMI TV output noise when selecting S/PDIF RAW to S/PDIF/RAW and S/PDIF&HDMI RAW
  • Fixed: srt subtitles
  • Fixed: some pictures thumbnail could not show correctly 
  • Updated: Speed up the playback time for video
  • Add “most popular” &”most recent” and remove “most link” for Youtube
  • Improve Youtube playing speed
  • Improve JPEG color quality

9 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA(i) Beta: v01.18.06

  1. i believe the bug was that when there is a MT2S with TrueHD audio (which is cannot play) it was messing up the other streams with incorrect playback sequence

  2. Tamas says:

    Dear Dennis!

    Sorry for the mail, may here is the better place for questions about the newest FW update and the possible WLAN sticks to be used.

    FW update:
    1) “Fixed: 1080p24 flicking issue” : may it helps also on the playback flaw of HD mkvs on CRT television? (stuttering without rebuffering)
    2) “Updated: Speed up the playback time for video” : what does it mean exactly? More quick buffering before starts to play a video?

    You’ve wrote on possible acceptance of Ralink chipset based non-Conceptronic WLAN sticks (of course not granted).
    The point is, that I’m planning to run two mediaplayers in my flat and seems to be good idea to separate them by using different 802.11n frequencies (2,4 GHz resp. 5 GHz). I’ve found one USB Stick with Ralink chipset and dual band capability. Would it accepted by CFULLHDMAi? What is your opinion? The stick is Dlink’s DWA160 HW Version B1

    Thanks in advance to advice me.

    Best regards,

  3. Rob says:

    I update my CFULLHDMA through the Internet update. This works fine. However I see thay I have a different firmware version ( than published on the Conceptronic website.

    Two questions:
    1. Does anyone where the updates come from? Are these also the BETA versions?
    2. Where can I download the BETA firmware?

    I got this nastly flicker and want to get the latest fix.



  4. quattro says:

    (re)set the DTS output to RAW.
    the setting was locked to raw before and defaults now to PCM which the device isn’t allowed to do. (this is a legal issue and can be fixed by the pirate parts ;-))

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