Beta Firmware CFULLHDMA(i) 1.21.01

Due to limited flash memory in CFULLHDMA some features cannot be implemented. As Flash for CFULLDHMAi is bigger some features will only be available for CFULLHDMAi.

  • Fixed: CFULLHDMA:

6 thoughts on “Beta Firmware CFULLHDMA(i) 1.21.01

  1. RaceDuck says:

    I have bad issue with
    with this version a dvd on ch3snas is not able to be played. always error unable to play file.

    downgrade to and everything works as it used to be.. able to play dvd from ch3snas with cfullhdma

  2. RaceDuck says:

    Problem is getting stranger
    i have 2x cfulldma one now works fine with v01.
    the other still has issues while playing dvd from ch3snas (the same dvd that works on the other cfullhdam)…..

    What is the solution??

    getting weird of the error
    “Fout [301]: Bestand wordt niet ondersteund”
    “Error [301]: File not supported”

  3. Ayhan says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Heb m net geupgrade. Maar bij dvd-s zit er een delay tussen beel en geluid. Ik heb zelfs gereset naar factory defaults.
    Lippen zijn niet in sync met geluid :(

    Kan dit?

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