YuiXX – The Inside

First shots of the components and PCBA of the YuiXX and of course a quick look at the Intel Canmore CE3100 processor.

9 thoughts on “YuiXX – The Inside

  1. Bert van der Sman says:

    Two fans…. can the one located near the disk be shutt off when no disk is used?
    How about the noise?

  2. Bertram says:

    Wat ik me toch afvraag Dennis,

    Hardware.info schrijft nu over drie varianten. Streamer, player en een unit met DVB-x mogelijkheid.
    Ik neem aan dat men bij de streamer/player later nog steeds een DVB-x unit in kan bouwen? Uiteraard al dan niet met/zonder HDD in te bouwen.

    Wat zal NL krijgen, twee kaartmogelijkheden? of maar

  3. ketracel says:

    Where is the PCI Express slot for the PCIe Tuner card? I suppose there is a riser daughterboard for this? Is this card going to be ready and available on YuiXX’s launch? This is the most important part for me. I probably would have designed this thing a little differently. Internal switchable power for a start instead of those terrible external wall wart things.

    The logicboard could have been on the other side where the 3.5″ drive is so the SATA cable isn’t routed over to the other side of the logic board. The port placement could have been different. The USB port could be stacked on top of the RJ-45. Why no eSATA back plane plate that uses a cable to connect to some of the internal SATA ports? I’d imagine i’d like to hook up an eSATA 2.5″ external HFS+ drive to the Yuixx to record some TV shows to it, then connect it to a Mac OS X computer to edit the recorded h.264, x264 video in Final Cut Pro. The connect it back to the Yuixx an transfer the edited video to the internal drive as the archive collection.

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