CFULLHDMA(i): Beta Firmware Release 1.23

Firmware 1.23.03 for 06/09/10

Do not use this firmware if you use NFS, cause NFS seems not to work correctly (no playback).

  • New Feature: manual aspect ratio option for video (CFULLHDMAi only)
  1. 1:1
  2. Full
  3. 4:3 LB
  4. 4:3 PS
  5. 16:9
  6. 16:9 PS
  7. 2.35:1
  8. 1.85:1
  • Improved: Speed up the process of starting a movie
  • Fixed: some MKV files could not be played
  • Fixed: UTF8 detection issue
  • Fixed: Playlist sorting issue
  • Fixed: DLNA mp3 ordering issue
  • Added: Playlist icon
  • Fixed: internet playlist crashed
  • Fixed: some M-JPEG files

16 thoughts on “CFULLHDMA(i): Beta Firmware Release 1.23

  1. RDC says:

    Tested the new 1.23.03 beta version a bit and am impressed so far. I tried others but always found myself returning to the 1.15.08 version.

    Everything plays well, so far I’ve tried now. Only one small issue, that when you stop video it seems to empty the buffer. Sounds plays on, screen goes blank for a second and then displays a bit of the video again and then it stops playing and returns to the menu. Nothing major, just something I spotted. By the way, this does not happen when you stop playing music, that stops right away.


  2. Sailsoft says:

    @RDC: Have not tested this one yet, but what you discribe happened for me with all firmwares before. So nothing new for me.

  3. Kintarx says:

    Dear Dennis,

    Is YuiXX support Arabic Language (ANSI or UTF8)? Menu and Subtitle?
    If you need help to support the Arabic language please contact me.

    Best Regards,

  4. Rene says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Tested the new Beta and indeed all movies start a lot faster.
    But where can I find the Added Playlist icon ?

  5. vasgyuszi says:

    Bad news.
    But at least have you a milestone to announce this FW release?
    Decreased start latency seems very promising. Or will you wait until NFS does well again in this release?

    Best regards.

  6. vasguyszi: yep waiting until NFS is working again to have it officially released, probably in 3 or 4 weeks due to Chinese New Year

    @kintarz, no arabic language support is scheduled. Sorry

  7. wildebeast says:


    Ik heb de nieuwe beta 1.23 drie keer opnieuw geinstalleerd en gereset naar fabrieksinstellingen. Maar elke keer krijg ik problemen met het geluid (kraken of zachter geluid dan normaal maar achtergrondgeluid hoor je wel goed). Met de versie 1.21 officieel geen problemen. Het doet voor met videots mappen en mkv’s.

  8. Geert says:

    hallo dennis.
    kun je ook even kijken naar de foto dia schow
    mijn foto`s worden door elkaar getoont.
    ze hebben allemaal een volgnummer.
    op de pc is het wel goed.
    wat kan ik zelf hier aan doen?
    het is niet prettig kijken zo.

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