CH3HNAS: Beta firmware 2.3.40

Beta firmware: Conceptronic CH3HNAS V2.3.40
1. Modified text for jumbo frames, was incorrect
2. Add WebGUI Save configuration settings download button, this was unclear
3 Changed behaviour of the NTP server cron.
4. Changed NFS service share folder path, default /home, but also possible /home/Public and /home/Media

Known issues: wierd things happen with FTP, when enabled the GUI jumps to disabled, but server is enabled, also proftd daemon cannot start according to logfile..
Restart will not load correct settings made into GUI (FTP, UPnP)

download here the 2.3.40 firmware

2 thoughts on “CH3HNAS: Beta firmware 2.3.40

  1. Luco says:

    Hallo Dennis,
    Hier het ftp-probleem; server blijft disabled en is niet te benaderen.

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